watch my Live trading demonstrations 5th April 2019 what an amazing experience guys

in india •  2 months ago 

Did you notice some times while sitting on trading rooms
we neglected some special but very important setups.

Some times these setups will definitely help you to develop your trading strategy to maintain your trading accuracy in Constance basis, You will Be more confident than ever before. Yes I just asked myself Did I made job my best.

I get answer from my Inner soul yes you did it. Cause I just made a setups and followed every times and respect it whenever in my trading sessions hovering in many stocks finding many stocks as much as possible which are making good setups which is defined by me.

Yes I did it . And the result is in front of my PNL ledger Reflect to wards my trading styles too.

Here is My last day trading example where I never miss to short sell MCDOWELL-N and gained few points easily.

Here is complete demonstrations step by steps... please watch this live recording ...

for more details plesae follow me on....

my youtube channel and my website..

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Great write up, I think in trading it is usually beneficial to find your own set up and follow it judiciously, following other peoples set up is more risky.


yes Agree with you...
I was followed many people while novice and ended up with losses....

trading setups can be helpful if and only if traders develops himself keeping his odds in his mind.