Molly Swift (Original Song)

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Molly Swift is the real name of a real person I once knew. We were friends for maybe 2 months. Worked together until I got laid off, but she would come hang out with me after she got off work. I never got along with anyone better in my life. And she was flat out gorgeous. Long, jet black hair almost all the way down her back, with a single stunning streak of pure white on the right side. Sky blue eyes. Damn...I was gone over this girl. I never told her how I felt. But I wanted...everything.

So, yeah. I was young and crazy about this awesome woman. Unfortunately, I was also quite young. And quite stupid. I had also had a one night thing with one of our co-workers right at about the same time I met Molly. This other girl told Molly about it...I did not. That day, Molly walked up to me and told me, in the calmest and sweetest voice, that because I had withheld this from her, she could not trust me. We could not be friends...we could not be anything.

Down the road, I wrote this song for her. She never heard it. In fact, she never spoke to me again. Over and done, just like that. And I knew that she meant it. I knew that she would never allow me back into her life. It hurt like hell. But I also kind of got it. I understood.

And so, I've carried this song with me. I never got to sing it for her. It's loaded with references that probably only she would understand. I named the song in her honor, because in just that short couple of months, she changed something inside of me. Is she my muse? I can tell you that the love interest character in almost every song I have written ever since has had sky blue eyes and jet black hair. With a stunning streak of white flowing down the right hand side...

words and music by DINO ROMANELLI

Oh, Molly Molly, I miss your face in the morning
The first thing I see when I walk in the door
Molly, I miss our daily conversations
I don't see you no more

Oh, Molly Molly, I miss your house on the hill
Say hello to your plants for me
Molly, I miss the moments, you and I
If it wasn't for you I just don't know where I'd be

I miss your smile
And that soft pretty look in your eyes
Now that you're not around
I got hit with a big surprise

Oh, Molly Molly, won't you come see me today
Take an hour from your life and come by my way
Molly, got to tell you 'bout the way you make me feel
I think I went and fell for you, now what do you say

I miss your smile
And that soft pretty look in your eyes
Now that you're not around
I got hit with a big surprise...

© Affordable Music, BMI

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Rock on, I love your originals, and I am enjoying how the preamble to your songs is getting longer, maybe it's therapeutic for you, like a little diary?

Sounds like she had a big impact on you! I was also an idiot when I was younger, I guess we just try to get wiser and nobler as we mature....



Yes! I'm getting more comfortable talking about my songs, and myself. Like a diary, for sure! And I'm still working on the whole wiser and nobler thing...:) Thanks as always!

love the enbellishments ;9) I might ask u to cover this... ;9)


Wow...yes, @gibber ! If you decide to do so, I would be most honored!

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