My Thoughts and Steem Journey so far. Why I ♥️ steem

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Hello and Namaste Steemians,

Happiness is when you notice or get something good which is not at all expected.



Though I don't check my account balance quite often but today when I checked it in steemd then I got surprised to see that I have over 1k SP in my account and I am not even aware it. Such surprises bring smile on face and I can't express how happy I am today to see this achievement in steem platform.

Looking at the below snapshot, I have my own 1029 SP within my tenure of 231 days in steem with reputation of 64.6 which is too close to 65 mark and hopefully within couple of weeks it may become 65.
snapshot taken from

It’s always suggested to try new things in life and do some experiment and same I did with steem. I joined steem after weeks of consideration because it was completely new thing for me, and I was like a big Zero for blockchain and cryptocurrency world. Now I am going to complete 8 months with steem and have some knowledge about it. I am happy with my decision however in the beginning I was afraid that what will I do here but over the time. I learnt a lot and dApps like @actifit and @steemhunt has been so helpful for me. These are the dApps which I work on daily and my journey had started with actifit.

A bit about my Steem Journey so far

Practice makes a man perfect

I am sure you have heard about this line, but this truly applies with me in my steem journey. I am not saying that I am perfect but for sure I have fair knowledge that how to work in steem. I have been reading various posts daily from great authors in steem helped me a lot. In June month I got to that there is something like hard fork which will happen in Aug'19 last week and post that author reward will reduce. I was little worried because this word itself was for me from another world. I read various posts about HF21 and understood that this is an action for the betterment of platform and steemit team would not do anything that will affect their users negatively.


In the meantime, I also joined twitter and seen many tweets about #hf21 and #newsteem tweets by @theycallmedan and many other Steemians. Now I am happy to share that this new steem is truly a fantastic upgrade by the steemit team and my reward earning has even increased as compared prior to this hard fork. I am not a PRO user here and I know there is long way for me to go but I am so happy that I joined steem at right time and whatever I am doing here is helping me to increase my knowledge. Oh... I missed to mention that I joined twitter only after being part of steem because I used to think that twitter is a place for celebrities and people having huge following but here, I realized that this is a great platform to connect and share out thoughts with the word and adding a correct hashtag can be so helpful.

My SP utilisation & Delegation

I have 1k SP but vote value is not even 2 cents when vote with 100% voting power, so I have decided to delegate my SP to few projects in steem. I will keep the SP which is good enough for me to work without any RC issue and rest I have delegated. I had delegated already to @Actifit (an awesome project for fitness lovers) and @thisisawesome (I like this project because they work to find out awesome content in steem and share with other Steemians).

Today I have added @project.hope in my delegation and supported the project with my 351 SP. This project doing great work in steem to support people from Venezuela who are producing quality content. This is run by @crypto.piotr and I have been closely watching this project since last few months. I wanted to support them early but could not do because of limited SP and now when I have some SP so have extended my support to them. I will surely increase the figure when I earn more SP.



My Learning with Steem

I consider myself as fresher here because I am yet to complete a year and still learning many things. I will keep learning always because I believe this is something that will help me to grow here.

I was not good in writing prior to joining steem but I think, I have improved a lot my writing skills here. If you like you can rate my blog writing in comments and I would love to know the feedback
I want to make myself even better in writing posts and I am sure with the support of you guys I will be able to do that.

My Future plans with Steem

To be honest, I am not a full time steemian and I have other responsibilities in my life like- my profession, my kid and family but I manage to take out sometime every day to work and I will ensure that this will continue. This will not reduce for sure and might increase in future depending upon my schedule and available time. Though I am not full time steemian, but I am a dedicated steemian and I have neither power down before nor have any plans to do so. I do power up my SP as well every month through SPUD program so whatever steem I earn, will be used to support various projects here in steem and curation to community. I have a long-term vision with steem, and I just love this platform. I will continue to work and support regularly.

Let's work together and make steem a better place and I wish to see a day when people ask for steem account to connect in future like we do now for Facebook or Instagram
This is not impossible and together we can do it but it will require time and efforts.

Thank you.

Namaste from India 🇮🇳


Congratulations! And thanks for support at @project.hope

Thank you so much. @pedrobrito2004
@project.hope is doing great and I liked the work so happy to support. 👍

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great work on steem blockchain keep it up stay engaged on this platform

Thank you @ajks
Appreciate your support and kind words.

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Hello @reeta0119, with great emotion, I read your publication, I think that many of us went through that experience by joining and creating our account within this marvel of platform, which is a great ocean of possibilities.

but I also want to thank you for your support of the project, from my country Venezuela sent you a big fraternal hug, thanks for your support of the project.

Hi @lanzjoseg
I am so happy that you liked my work and I am happy to support this project. I will increase my support from time to time. Appreciate your kind words.

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Hello dear @reeta0119, thanks for sharing your plans.

Today I have added @project.hope in my delegation and supported the project with my 351 SP. This project doing great work in steem to support people from Venezuela who are producing quality content. This is run by @crypto.piotr and I have been closely watching this project since last few months. I wanted to support them early but could not do because of limited SP and now when I have some SP so have extended my support to them. I will surely increase the figure when I earn more SP.

Wooo friend welcome to the team, I must tell you that you have made a great choice supporting this project, I see that you have very clear goals and you will be a hard player on the platform, we really need committed people to help us take this project to another level.

Thank you for joining, thank you for delegating to the project, I am sure you will have many satisfactions on this wonderful trip.

Hello @fucho80

Glad that you liked my work. We are so strong as community and collective efforts always brings positive outcome..

Thank you so much for your kind words. Have a great weekend

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@reeta0119, Congratulations and in my opinion you are doing really appreciable work because you are managing all other responsibilities and at the same time investing your time and effort in Steem too. Keep doing the good work and wishing you successful journey ahead too. Stay blessed.

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Hi @chireerocks
Thank you so much for your kind words. I am happy that you liked the way I am working in steem. I will keep doing the same.. thanks

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Welcome and have a wonderful time ahead.

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It was relly nice to read about your journey hare on Steem @reeta0119, and thank you very much for your delegation to my curation project @thisisawesome, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Thank you @flaxz you are doing awesome work

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I also love steem. It's something about how the economy of this platform affects how we all interact, that makes this such a good community. If steem fails, we all loose, so it's in our best interest to act as we are all in this together. Of course there are some abusers, but since I blocked a certain few, i have been enjoying steem a lot. Just trying to find the right words to get all my friends to join, and actually stick around long enough to figure it out.

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STEEM is a great platform and here a lot to learn. Together we will grow. Thanks for stopping by

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Hi @reeta0119
Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)

Thank you so much @project.hope
Appreciate it 🙏

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Hi @reeta0119

I'm sure that was a very pleasent surprise :) It's like finding money in our old jeans. Money that we forgot about already :)

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Great to have you around.

I've noticed that we seem to share some interests towards technology, apps, blockchain etc. And you already know a bit about project hope. I think we could help each other in the future (I surely can help you get some exposure from time to time on our channels).
Perhaps you could drop me a message via telegram? You can find me there as "crypto_piotr"

Also big thx for resteeming project.hope latest post. Appreciate it greately.
Yours, Piotr

Hi @crypto.piotr

Thanks for your kind words. Happy that you liked my work. I will connect with you when ai need your help in future.

Have a great day.

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Greetings @reeta0119, I begin by thanking the SP contribution you made to Project Hope and the other projects, God multiply it 👍 .

When I began to read your story with steemit I remember me, when I was first told about this, it was just as you said, that I would do there, I do not know anything about that ... And of course, with time you get attached to the issue and as you say we are improving the diction, apart from encouraging the good habit of reading and always gives us something new to learn.

I hope we continue to grow and achieve that a better Steem for the future in which many more people are integrated into this wonderful universe.

Thank you for reading my comment, I bid you farewell wishing you a happy day, evening or night and a great start of the week.✌️

Thank you so much for your kind words. Have a great day @jjqf

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Nice presentation :)
You should see your time blossom here, especially as a part of #Hope

Thank you so much @machnbirdsparo

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