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Long time no posts from me. I wish I could spend more time posting daily here but there are lot's of activities to do instead.

You know guys, right now I am working on something really interesting and beautiful for the future of Steem which I can not show and tell yet actually :) Hopefully it will become alive soon but for now here is the third illustration I've done for a calendar about the family business and love for the space travelling.

This story is about dreams, warm family relationships and still life with beautiful happy end.


Drafting a sketch was fast since it was the third illustration in a row and I was sure what my client expecting from me. The only thing was since I was drawing faces again and again in the first and second pieces here I've decided to try another point of view showing the main character from the back. It was a concern with the client, he wanted the front view and I could understand him. We had to show this is a same boy after ages passed.


Third piece is showing a grew up boy in his room before space flight. He become a spaceman as his father was dreaming. Second sketch was approved and colored in Adobe Photoshop on my Macbook Pro with the help of Wacom Intuos 3 tablet.


I found this photo in my working folders. You can see real work in progress here. Almost no shadows and details. Just simple silouettes using key colors and a photo of hands with the camera for reference. Shot was taken in 6 of November, 2013 in Odessa, Ukraine. We were living there together with my wife for few months.


I never shared this project in details before so again Steem motivates me to show it revealing the story. This is the power of blockchain!

Check out the beginning of that story and first illustration here in case you've missed it.
Father is working in his office designing the rocket to fly into the space.

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You are very talented.

Hmm, by the way, I imagine how my profile picture in the picture by you. It would be very interesting.

Thank you! I would be glad to draw your portrait but unfortunately too busy with commercial projects daily and all free time if I have it I am spending doing seva giving away yoga classes and courses...

Thank You


Excellent work, @dunsky!

Another awesome one from you...
And i can totally relate to you.. i have been very busy myself, and for the first time i skipped days here on steemit. I am just stopping by to give out some likes to my dearest ones! :-)
Enjoy your summer Fil ! :-)

Thank you, Agnes! You know the fun thing is I am here spending a lot of time daily but can not find time to post myself :) doing anything but not posting...

Amazing illustration, @dunsky! Thank you for sharing the process, it's really awesome! And don't worry about not posting everyday, I haven't posted anything in 7 days because of my work. ^^'
Hope to see your next project for Steemit. ^.^

an interesting story and I want to be perfect overall.

The story of a dream in a warm, living family relationship with a happy happy ending. would be the dream of everyone living in this world.

Your image is very good, I'm not tired of seeing it ... Nice to see harmonious family pictures

Success is always for you ... 😊

Very nice drawing. This is real art. Good luck to you and Love.

Очень красивый рисунок. Это настоящее искусство. Удачи Вам и Любви.