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As I told already it was a nice order for one business company in Russia I've started to tell about two days ago. They wanted to use my illustrations in their business facebook page for some news. This illustration is one of many they ordered.

Idea and sketch

My main inspitation was this photo from ShutterStock:

So I've quickly made a sketch in my notebook with pen, scanned it and sent to my client for approval. They loved it and allowed me to continue with coloring.


Coloring to the Final

But again they've asked for an addition. They said you have such a nice deers in your portfolio, would you please draw one in the same illustration for us? It was a surprize for me because this is serious business company and they asked for a deer... but I was really happy to do so.


If you've missed two other posts about this project please check them out in my blog.

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Haha nice.. I like your art style :)

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Thank you :)

This is so adorable! ^-^




Do you mind me asking about esteem? :D
How does esteem decide upvote percentages? And is it only for mobile devices?


It depends on the quality of content and loyality of particular user. If you do some projects for eSteem especially you will get higher percentage usually.

There is eSteem Mobile and eSteem Surfer. Second is for any desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux). You can check official site for the links it's


Thank you!! :D Gave to my brother to try out, he'll let me know how it goes ^-^

Very fabulous =)


Thank you!

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