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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have always been an interest of mine, reason being I love keeping up with all the current technological advancements. Cryptos, since they were created, have provided me with the chance to enjoy benefits that lack the traditional fiat payment systems. This is why ever since Bitcoin was created, I have never gone back to trading in fiat.

There is a lot of pressure with crypto trading and investing, especially in choosing the ideal exchange that suits your trading style best. There are questions that I have to ask myself before investing in any exchange, just like any other trader. The most pressing question is usually that of the security of my funds because I have been a victim of hacks and unnecessary digital currency losses one too many times.

I recently decided to try trading on a centralized crypto exchange, and the experience has so far been exceptional. The majority of people out there tend to think that centralized exchanges contradict the most common principle of cryptos, decentralization. The truth is that these centralized crypto exchanges are equally as seamless and beneficial as the decentralized ones. There is a lot of security in trusting the exchange to hold my digital currency holdings on my behalf.

Man is to error, and there are times when I forget the key to my wallets, which usually leads to me incurring heavy losses. With centralized exchanges, however, I have the chance to trust the exchange system with my funds, and instances like the one I have mentioned above are nonexistent. Today, I want to tell you about this amazing platform that I came across while browsing through the internet.

ESAX is a platform that is going to offer me numerous benefits and opportunities to apply for loans, trade in a centralized crypto exchange, carry out peer to peer escrow trading among others. The ESAX platform is going to be run by a team of professionals who have been in the game for long since it is developed by ESAX Technologies, a company that has been in the scene since 1999.


ESAX platform is all about gaining my trust as a user, and the ESAX team also understands that trust is something that is earned. The most common way for a company to earn the trust of its use is by being as transparent as it can be, which is what ESAX platform is going to offer. I will be able to follow up on all of ESAX’s development progress and view interactions within the team on social networks and blogs. I can already guarantee that trust will not be an issue once I am a part of ESAX platform.


The ESAX team is going to be comprised of the most expert and professional individuals, which further shows that the platform is bent on offering the best services. This is a very important factor to consider before investing in any project, search for the achievements of the team.


With such beneficial features, I cannot wait to become a part of the ESAX revolution. I am eager to learn more about centralized crypto exchanges, and I believe that ESAX platform is going to be the ideal place for that.

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