Half of the teachers do not think of themselves as an ideal character

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Half of teachers do not think themselves as ideal characters for students. And most students do not think teachers are ideal for them.

However, teachers are not given importance in the field of ethics, values ​​and social and emotional development in training programs. Even teachers are not encouraged to self-criticize their own values ​​and beliefs.
This information was released on Wednesday in the 'Education and Innovation of Schools' Education Week 2013 published on Wednesday. This publication ceremony was organized at the LGED Auditorium of Agargaon organized by the mass spectrum campaign.

It is said that environmental conditions are acceptable in uplifting ethics and values ​​in 34.02 percent government primary schools. In the 22.5% of the schools, it needs development and 43.3% of schools do not accept this morality and values. Likewise, 34.1 percent of the schools are acceptable in this school. The rest 23.2 percent is needed for development and 42.7 percent is not acceptable in schools.

Primary and Mass Education Minister Mustafizur Rahman said in the speech of the chief guest, if CCTV was to be installed at all houses then it should be understood how tortured children are being tortured.

But all of them say that the school is being tortured. In reality, for all children, there will be torture everywhere. If the government alone wants to change the values ​​of values. Everyone will come forward

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