ZeroSum and ZFX Token Sale launches today in just over 3 hours!

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If you would like to learn more about ZFX and ZeroSum please visit

Just over 3 hours to go until our Public Sale goes live!

Details on how to participate in our Token Sale here:

Our Public Sale is here! Starting at January 3rd (UTC 2018–01–03 T15:00:00Z.
Please do not send ETH before this time. You will not be credited with ZFX ahead of this time.

Our Token Sale Contract is located at:

If you would like to participate in the ZFX Token Sale send ETH to the above contract.
Once sent you will receive your ZFX Tokens at the conclusion of the Public Sale.

Important reminders

We highly suggest you send ETH from a non-exchange account. Exchanges do not always recognize new tokens quickly enough and it may appear that you did not receive your ZFX Tokens when viewing your exchange account (even if they are there).

We suggest creating a MyEtherWallet Account, a basic ERC20 wallet that you control your account keys and can take ETH and all tokens into.

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Is there a minium token purchase amount?