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Excessive information and biased online content in the centralized travel market make it impossible for travelers to find relevant information. No matter how hard they try to avoid dubious online recommendations, much of their precious holiday time (and a dime) is wasted in ordinary places that do not fit their vibrations.

Cool Cousin is an antidote to this growing frustration. Using friendly apps, travelers get city guides on demand that match their style and needs, right from like-minded locals.

Launched in 2016, Cool Cousin is a VC-supported travel company, used by over 500,000 travelers worldwide. Enhanced as an upcoming travel service by the New York Times, Guardian, USA Today, National Geographic and TechCrunch, Cool Cousin enjoys double-digit monthly growth and is well positioned to become a major player in the $ 2.3 trillion travel industry.

Cool Cousin is a decentralized travel agency, connecting tourists and locals minded for personal guidance. Improved travel experience and supported by decentralized P2P travel agents optimized for millennial travelers.

Cool Cousin on a mission to make your travel experience simpler, tailored to your needs and more unique. Using our friendly app, travelers get city guides on demand that match their style and needs, right from like-minded locals.

Once they connect with Cousins, travelers can directly contact them for personalized city guides. Every month, thousands of travelers call our cousins to ask for advice about their time of stay, where they need to stay, tickets for special events, current events, customized travel itineraries and more.

Cool Cousin is the closest thing to having friends in every city in the world. The most valuable source of information about a new destination is a local friend - a trusted insider who knows your taste and can direct you to the places that suit you. Unfortunately, we do not have local friends in every city we visit, and online information and services fail many times to give us a good alternative.

Founded as an antidote to the growing frustration of trying to find relevant places and activities in the new city, Cool Cousin directly connects travelers to minded locals - alias Cousins - for the exchange of valuable and open local knowledge. Using this service, travelers can search through the list of Cousins in over 65 destinations, and find the ones that are right for them. Each Cousin has a different guide to their city with their favorite neighborhoods and local businesses, available online and offline. Tourists who are looking for something specific, such as cheap tickets to nearby football games or bars that host a cool local band, can also contact their Cousins directly for personal assistance on demand.

Cool Cousin app - web & iOS
Travelers using iOS and the Cool Cousin web version can access unique city guides destined by 1,000 ± Cousins in 65+ cities, filtering guides by age, bio, gender and category, and reaching Cousins of their choice for customized suggestions.

To date, we have released 60 updates for the original full iOS app since it was launched in July 2016 and launched a fully responsive progressive web app in June 2017.

Vision and Mission Cool Cousin
Cool Cousin is a mission to revolutionize the travel industry by connecting tourists with like-minded locals - Cousins - in every city on the planet for uninterrupted personal information exchange and customized services. By building a decentralized global ecosystem of locals and travelers, backed by a new cryptocurrency called CUZ, Cool Cousin is building a foundation for new travel agents. Our diverse cousins, independent agents who can monetize their city's hard-earned knowledge while saving a lot of travelers' time and money before and during their trip. Later, Cool Cousin will emerge as a sustainable autonomous economy that enables users to access relevant information and a variety of affordable commercial travel services.

Introducing the CUZ Token Economy.
Building the Ethereum platform, Cool Cousin introduces an open source cryptographic token called CUZ, which is created for unique travel and location information exchange. As our account and storage unit, CUZ will provide cousin incentives to create content and offer services through coin exchange, while allowing all members of the community to benefit from future growth.

On the same occasion, Cool Cousin invites you to join to become part of the travel industry revolution through Initial Coin Offering (ICO) method, a potential and profitable investment method for you.

In character, CUZ is a pure cryptocurrency of fixed supply. It is slightly fragmented and non-long-term inflation. Only a small portion of the token supply will be liquid in the near future, as part of the CUZ supply is reserved for Community Pool - a CUZ reservoir that values ​actions in the ecosystem. Like other cryptocurrencies, CUZ units will be expected to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our ERC20 token contract, our vesting contract, and our crowd sale contract will be based on OpenZeppelin - a safe and robust library that has been used to collect $ 4.5 billion, at ICO including OmiseGO, Augur, Civic and more. Following the crowd sale, the tokens purchased will be distributed, the vesting bonus period will begin, and unsold tokens will be distributed proportionally to all CUZ token holders, including Cool Cousin's team, advisers, early supporters, gift participants, Community Pool and future operations.

Token Info;
Token: CUZ
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Price at ICO: 1 ETH = 3770 CUZ
Total CUZ Token Supply: 300,000,000 CUZ

Investment Info;
Starts at: March 2018
Min. Investment - 0.1 ETH
Receive - ETH
Distributed in ICO - 33%
Soft cap - 4000 ETH
Hard cap - 17500 ETH

Pre-Public Sales;

Public Sales;

-No token, printing or mining is done after the end of the ICO period
-Token received from non-whitelisted addresses will be returned
-If the soft cap is not reached, the funds will be returned to the participants
-After reaching hard cap, ICO will end soon
-Bonus tokens will only be sent after their vesting period

ICO Timeline

Allocation of Token


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The travel agent makes a comeback, Millenial uses a travel agent again: a third of Millennial travelers are active users of travel agents and intend to use another one in the next two years, the figure is up 19 points from 2011 and 12 points from 2014/15. This smart technology, the DIY generation has adopted discovery services like Spotify and Netflix that allow easy access to customized content and they are looking for customized solutions in more markets.

With the growing power of pay and the tendency to save time, they are willing to pay experts with local knowledge for a packet that can be digested with reliable and personalized information.

Surveys show that millennials turn to travel agents to improve the quality of their travel experience and save their time, not just to handle reservations; they want an advisor to help them cut to the chase, and they are happy to pay for it. In fact, 85% of those using agents report satisfaction16 and 44% millennial generation believe that paying travel agents is invaluable.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that reports indicate that those who have used travel agencies, will do so for more than 50% of their future travel needs. Our data shows that Cool Cousin users have turned to their Cousins ​​for the same reason, that is, people looking for travel agents - convenience, curation, and trust.

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