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HighRewardCoin is a money related framework based on the Ethereum stage joining all the best properties of this stage. we keep on improving our bot capacity to stay away from many errors by people amid exchanging on the worldwide trade. People frequently convey feelings, states of mind and other outside variables. our organization’s bot exchange is free from such dangers and accordingly we can ensure most extreme benefit. We put critical assets into the improvement of center systems so our bots will have the capacity to widen the range of exchanged instruments and work with a more extensive scope of trades and monetary items.

HighRewardCoin is a monetary system built on the Ethereum platform combining all the best properties of this platform.

Simplified transfers.
Convenient remittance of assets.
Fast immediate P2P transactions.
The total amount of tokens is restricted.
HighRewardCoin is absolutely free from governmental or banking management.
The blockchain ledger insures your funds from hackers, scammers, and brute force.


Simple transfer
remittance convenient assets
Fast P2P transactions instantly
The total number of tokens is restricted
HighRewardCoin is completely free of government or banking management
The blockchain booklet guarantees your funds from hackers, scammers, and violence.


Coin name: High Reward Coin
Symbol: HRC
Platform: Ethereum
Total Supply: 12,000,000 HRC
Total For Sale ICO: 9.24 million HRC
Total Refferal and Bounty: 10% of seling HRC
Token Sale Price: 0.8 $ -1,75 $ = 1 HRC
Price After ICO: 15 $

Sell ​​Token will open from 20.01.2018–20.02.2018

Soft seal: 1,000,000 $
Hard cap: $ 12.730.000 (this amount can be lowered)


That is with referral system where each participant will get profit according to the level.


HighRewardTalk token trading coins will include a wallet where users can store, track and handle their personal HRC funds. its interface will provide you with an easy and automated tool for purchasing token and backlog investment as well as current assets. This wallet is designed for use in token sales and with the following active HRC spaces. It is based on the Ethereum strategic ERC20 protocol and is assumed to be used to store the token HRC exclusively. our HRC wallets are currently under development and will be presented shortly so that you will be able to store your tokens in the wallet based on our proprietary platform.


HighRewardCoin has developed a token that complies with the standard ERC20 rooted in Ethereum books and enables efficient implementation of HRC tokens.
ERC20 is a reference protocol that ensures the compatibility of coins, which contributes to the survival of HRC cryptospace. This means that all coins based on the ERC20 token of Ethereum follow a strictly defined standard. to integrate a specific series of commands into smart contracts in terms of proper implementation, to have access to the following functions:

Generate total reserve of coins
Calculate the balance of the wallet
Sending token
Confirm coin transfer


The HighRewardCoin platform will become accessible to our customers after initial scheduled ICO sales. This platform will provide our users with original accounts and customized tools to participate in ICO, utilize digital wallets, join affiliate programs and loans. Track ICO schedules and sign up to extract maximum benefits from our platform and testify for the efficiency and usefulness of the tools provided, settings and options.
At this time we have a ready platform PC and mobile device web browser and plan to launch mobile apps for the most popular systems that will be available on Apple Store and Google Play.


The amount of tokens you buy will be automatically delivered to the wallet on the HighRewardCoin platform, and the same applies to coins allocated to members of the affiliate program as soon as directives are approved. The coins are kept in the wallet until the finalization of ICO, and after that you can choose to sending them to one of the exchanges listed on our site where they can be traded.

HighRewardCoin (HRC) is a digital token designed for purchasing investment products on HighRewardCoin platform.

The platform will accept HRC tokens exclusively, which, after ICO, will only be available for buying at coin exchanges.

After the launch of lending system, the platform will have an internal exchange for users’ convenience.

Why HRC will grow. We have one of the most appealing lending programs, and many people will want to participate in it, driving the HRC price higher. Our experts predict a 10x-14x rise during the first 3–4 months after the appearance of HRC on exchanges. The company will also direct part of its income to repurchase HRC off the exchanges, thus reducing their amount in circulation and driving the price upwards.
Website: https://highrewardcoin.io

Standard lending system.

HighRewardCoin has developed a progressive and innovative credit system highly superior to those of the competitors, since our objective is to integrate several marketplaces of digital finances. We have refrained from daily payouts due to recognizing the increased risks of lowered interests for investors’ community. Instead, we have projected the plan that presupposes the payments in specific periods with increased interests depending on the deposit amount and chosen duration.Such an approach secures the proficiency of investing in ICO sales, mid- and long-term trading or our operations with binary options.

HighRewardCoin platform ensures the proper workings of our ecosystem, demonstrating transparency and safety of our transactions, because our primary task is to protect the finances of our customers and affiliates shaping our growing social system.

Fast lending profits program.

This system is designed for those customers who prefer to get their returns as fast as possible. For them our team has created a special product, short-term, but, respectively, less profitable. But it will also find its customers since the investors’ capital is protected as reliably as in the standard lending program.

This plan is setup for those investors who desire to profit in the fastest available way. For these folks our experts have developed a unique option with short term of running, though, of course, with lower yields. Nevertheless, this option will definitely appeal to some of our clientele as your investments here are safeguarded with the same trustworthy mechanisms as in the normal lending version.


Our intelligent contract enables us to issue only 9,240,000 token for ICO sale, and 10% of the sold tokens amount is reserved for referral payments and bounty rewards.

Before the launch of ICO the link to intelligent contract will be available on our website, and each investor can verify it and assure themselves that all their interests are duly protected.
Pricing structure.

The HighRewardCoin homepage will feature the level or degree based system of sales. This way the earliest investors will get the most profitable and attractive price, and then the price will be increasing.

For more information:

Website: http://www.highrewardcoin.io/

White paper: https://highrewardcoin.io/HRC%20whitepaper%20en.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/highrewardcoin_official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/highrewardcoin

Author: TheMichaelMatch

My BitcoinTalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1326035

ETH Address: 0x76cc93e01a6d810a1c11bbc1054c37cb395f14c8

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