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As the popularity and mainstream acceptance of blockchain and crypto currencies increase, traditional investors have been looking for more exposure to these digital assets and blockchain-based technologies. However, there are certain challenges when it comes to integrating the digital currency world and the world of traditional finances. Providing a seamless exchange between crypto and conventional assets is the underlying philosophy behind ZANTEPAY Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

About Zantepay.
ZANTEPAY is an integrated crypto currency wallet with MasterCard® prepaid, which is supported by Estonian private banks supported by AI. ZANTEPAY is a crypto money purse with a bank card.
It enables you to spend your digital assets anytime, anywhere. Users of ZANTEPAY prepaid cards can spend BTC, ETH, LTC and ZNX (more crypto currencies) anytime, anywhere. ZANTEPAY works for a better (cheaper) exchange rate for customers.

Prepaid Card ZANTEPAY.
The ZANTEPAY prepaid payment card will launch in late 2018 to become one of the fastest growing digital currency cards in the market. This will allow each currency holder CTCO, LTC, ETH, ZNX to spend their coins, online or otherwise, at the place where a traditional payment card is accepted.
Lets you make purchases with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Zantekoyn around the World.

Provide the maximum automatic trading price of the partner exchange. 1% exchange fee. There are no hidden costs.
20% cashback ZANTECOIN.

ZANTEPAY Marstercard® is backed by a private bank in Estonia.

You can shop with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Zantecon anywhere in the world.

Automatically offers the highest transaction price for partner exchanges. 1% of exchange rates. no surprises. 20% cash refund at ZANTECOIN.

We will purchase ZANTEX to provide the best customer experience and low fees. The start of the development is planned for 2019 Q3. The ZANTEX exchange will also be integrated into the ZANTEPAY portfolio.

New crypto currency for the general public, acceptable everywhere Mastercard, ZNX application and money bonus

The service charge is payable at ZNX. , Using ZANTECOIN 50% of all charges in the ZANTEPAY ecosystem

ZantePay ZNX Token ICO

ZANTEPAY Pre-ICO has already started from the beginning of March 15, 2018, the price of the token is set at 0.05 per ZNX. Investors can purchase tokens using ETH and take a share of the znx 600 million tokens available until July 15, 201. This is only 30% of the token amount with another 600 million coins allocated for marketing activities. Another 800 million tokens go into the future development of ZANTEPAY's products, business operations and management.

  • ZANTECoin :

New major currency.
BTC, ETH, LTC free conversion to ZNX.
Can be used to cover service fees in the ZANTEPAY Ecosystem.
50% off for all services in the ZANTEPAY Ecosystem when using ZANTECOIN.
ERC Token 20.

  • Zante ICO.

Token Name: ZANTECOIN.
Token Ticker: ZNX.
Mining: No mining or other means of increasing the number of tokens will apply to the ZNX token.
Protocol: ERC20.
Total Token Supply: 2,000,000,000.

-ICO Supply: 600,000,000 ZNX.

Supply Marketing: 600,000,000 ZNX.
Fund Supply: 800,000,000 ZNX.
Pre-ICO Prices :
1 ZNX = 0.05 EUR.
30,000,000 ZNX.

  • ICO I Price :
    1 ZNX = 0.10 EUR.
    70,000,000 ZNX.
  • Price of ICO II :
    1 ZNX = 0.14 EUR.
    200,000,000 ZNX.
  • ICO III Price :
    1 ZNX = 0.25 EUR.
    300,000,000 ZNX.
    Minimum Purchase : 0.1 ETH.
    Maximum Purchase : 10 ETH.
    Start Trading on Exchange : August 2018.
    Refferal Commission : 20%.



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