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Raido Financial is a global ecosystem of financial technology that combines a set of universal cryptography.
Tools for commercial, exchange, financial and investment operations for all B2B and B2C.
Crypto Market Players through the unique platform.

Our mission is to provide all market stakeholders with the most efficient,
Complete and secure tools to carry out all the necessary cryptographic activities. A) Yes,
Our main objective is to execute and improve the ecosystem, so any participant of the
Crypto Market can easily obtain and use highly efficient and profitable tools with any
Level of experience in blockchain or cryptocurrency technologies.

Raido Financial allows you to:

• Perform all types of commercial operations efficiently with high technology.
characteristics. The technical architecture of Raido Financial is able to provide
Users with the maximum speed of data processing due to high performance.
and load processing system. In addition, Raido Financial will be integrated with
the maximum number of protocols, including the most popular ones: FIX API,
WebSockets, REST. The placement zone allows high frequency processing.
Consultations and efficient use of Algorithmic and Machine Learning modules.

• Launch and effectively manage new ICOs. Intelligent tokenized processing
The system for ICO / TGE / ITO projects will be part of Raido Financial
ecosystem. This system provides a set of "all-in-one" tools necessary for
implement a successful launch of Token Sales, which includes everything related to marketing, legal and
and technical aspects.

• Carry out anonymous, safe and profitable trade, exchange, investment
Operations with cryptographic assets of a single multi-currency portfolio. The raido
The portfolio will be integrated with the most popular payment methods and currency.
Exchange of tools: processing of plastic cards, money and electronic payment.
systems - with low rates for ecosystem users.

• Continue commercial operations with large volumes of cryptographic assets. Frayed
The financial ecosystem will use liquidity aggregators to ensure integration.
With the largest commercial platforms, cryptographic exchanges, brokers and others
Financial institutions on the same website.

Components of the Raido Financial ecosystem:
Raido Exchange
In order to provide a stable and complete work, Raido Exchange will have the
following characteristics:

• Automatic purchase / sale of cryptocurrency;
• At least 50 cryptocurrency tools for exchange and margin operations;
• Universal technical analysis tools (sets of indicators, 12 time zones);
• High speed API connection channel with the ability to advance up to 100
requests per second of each user;
• Ability to add custom tokens, including those issued through ICO / ITO / TGE;
• Scale capacity and load balancing, GEO DNS zones;
• Online service support 24/7;
• Integration with external services, such as cryptographic, electronic exchanges
cryptocurrency payment systems and portfolios;

• Encryption of personal data and payment of users, including hot / cold wallets,
Multi-signatures, two-factor authorization with deposit verification and
withdrawal of trust funds;

• Protection against hackers and DDoS attacks;
• Liquidity aggregation and distribution;
• Integration with the main protocols: REST, WebSocket, FIX and others;
As the project progresses, Raido Exchange will introduce existing ones and more
Modules developed:

Trading platform, including the back-end solution (negotiation configuration)
parameters, commercial symbols, administration and customer management
accounts, integration of liquidity aggregators, management of contribution history,
business history and reporting system). This platform includes commercial terminals and
additional services, so that the current and retrospective market situation as
just as the personal trading account can be monitored and analyzed.

Terminals for desktop OS, web and mobile versions for Android and iOS, such as
as well as different types of APIs: WebREST, WebSocket, FIX, SFX.
Terminal for the development and debugging of algorithmic trading systems.
and technical indicators with integrated market creation algorithms that ensure
The price flow, liquidity, price conditions for any token or derivative.

The module for the execution of cryptocurrency payments in a dedicated
Secure server, which allows you to create cold and hot wallets integrated in the
BackOffice of the client.

BackOffice: the payment aggregator and the client's personal account. That
contains the client part (registration and verification, data storage, account opening,
etc.) and administration and management (Back-End). The payment aggregator is
Integrated with the most popular payment systems and blockchains.

External liquidity aggregator (large cryptographic exchanges, brokers) and
Internal suppliers, who analyze, filter and process information in terms of
Demand / offer and ensure the execution of orders in the best available market.
price. The aggregator supports all general currency pairs and order types.

The compensation accounts of the liquidity providers are linked to the aggregator through
the FIX API. The current data on the depth of the market for each provider is compared.
To the current liquidity of the cryptographic exchange participants. The aggregator configures
A detailed report on the execution of each order.

The report includes the

Information about each liquidity provider and the speed of execution of the order.
As soon as the ICO is completed successfully, the implementation of all
The aforementioned cryptographic exchange modules, including testing and debugging, will be
completed within 6 months
About ICO:

Volume of all issued tokens 86 250 000 tokens
incl. chip sales 60 262 500 chips (60 262.5 ETH)
incl. reserved chips 25 987 500 chips
Sales geography / segmentation Everyone, except the United States, China,
North Korea and the Republic of Singapore

Symbolic price 0.001 ETH
Members of Crowd Sale: 60 262 500 (70%)
Campaign - 8,662,500 (10%)
Chip Distribution Developers - 8,662,500 (10%)
Advisors - 4 725 000 (5%)
Drop of air - 1 575 000 (2%)
Reward - 2 362 500 (3%)

Personal account for the purchase of tokens at
Smart contract

The smart contract address will be available.
on the project website before the start of the
Selling the crowd

Payment methods BTC, ВСH, ЕТН, LTC, DASH, ETC
November - December 2018
The tokens will be available for a limited number of

Presale limit - 7 500.0 ETH in the presale
For potential investors, participation in the
Rewards program is possible before the start of
The ICO. Restrictions on the amount of the maximum amount - 7 500 ETH purchases during the Pre-Sale
January - February 2019
The main sales files will be available for a limited number of

Limit - 52 762.5 ETH in the main sale
February 5, 2019
End of ICO The actual number of tokens in circulation will be
Demonstrated and known at the end of the crowd.
Restrictions on the amount of minimum amount - 50 chips

More information in:
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My Ethereum wallet address: 0x495A548499e336311Dec1219b9Fa34df00769c13

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