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The underestimation of the time factor contributes to additional costs. This fact has been known for a long time, and experienced entrepreneurs keep up time spent in order to increase the efficiency of its use. In the case when the cost of the work done cannot be estimated as a unit, buyers are forced to pay a fixed cost of services for any scale of work. For example, in a hospital, a doctor’s appointment costs 1,000 conventional units per hour. In fact, the patient was in the office for 27 minutes. A fair question arises - why does a person have to pay 1,000 units, if in fact less time is spent on him? The decentralized MIN platform is a blockchain platform using its own token, with which people can get paid for their time, and pay for services in accordance with the time spent on them.


MIN key features
Time is not only one of the most valuable goods known to mankind, but also one of the most universal. The MIN platform uses a global approach to make payments fair, allowing project members to set their minute value and interact with other participants. Thus, the MIN platform comes to the time as the most valuable product, allowing you to measure, calculate the spent units and sell it.

Benefits of the MIN project
The project guarantees a fixed price of tokens, not allowing overpayments from its customers. Possible options for using the MIN project are extensive, covering such industries as doctor or translator services, linguistic courses and basic programming, mobile application configuration, marketing campaigns, etc. Thus, many of the previously wasted moments of life will generate revenue for project users. Within each created task, a counter is started, which allows you to estimate the amount of time actually spent.

Many people believe that the time spent on social platforms will be wasted. The MIN remuneration system provides social platforms with an active mechanism to reward their users during each minute when they remain in active status. On the basis of MIN launched the first mobile application Thirtymin, which allows people to communicate in a social network and get paid for it. Thirtymin will provide the first use of MIN, demonstrating the benefits of billing processes for all categories of users.

The project is based on the blockchain platform and allows an unlimited number of users to work on a project with a high level of security. Calculations on the project are carried out using smart contracts, which allows to reduce the transaction cost to $ 0.0000002.


Cryptocurrency MIN
For internal calculations, MIN tokens are used, implemented on the basis of Ethereum. Total produced 10 billion units, of which 60% was sent for sale. 0.1 XML can be purchased for one XML. Also cryptocurrency can be purchased for BTC, ETH and XML. From October 1 to November 4, preliminary sales will be held, within which you can purchase tokens at a discount of 10 to 50%. The main crowdsale will last on the project from 5 to 14 November. The purchase amount can range from 3,000 to 3 million MIN.

MIN Review Summary
Thus, the MIN project is a project that allows you to make money from time. MIN contributes to the efficient use of their time and savings on payment for the services of others by counting the actual amount of time spent on the service. The Thirtymin application gives users the ability to determine the per minute cost of their time, to form a transparent pricing policy for their services with the ability to monitor the progress of the task by the customer.

The project was created in late 2015 with the simultaneous launch of a mobile application. For three years, the creators of the project have developed the infrastructure of the platform and are now ready to go to the blockchain basis. In the near future, after the end of the crowdsale, a cryptograph will be launched. By the end of 2019, the platform will work in full functionality with the ability to withdraw money from the server.

Website: https://inmin.it
WhitePaper: https://inmin.it/document/MIN_WP_English.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/MinTokens
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mintokens
Twitter: http://twitter.com/mintokens
Medium: https://medium.com/@info_75853
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2200257;sa=showPosts
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