Leading Blockchain conference held in Switzerland for the first time: d10e in Davos

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Zurich/Davos, 7 November 2017 — All too familiar with the challenges of the traditional banking business, Switzerland is looking for opportunities in the rapidly growing market of economic decentralization with its offshoots fintech, initial coin offerings (ICO), Blockchain, sharing economy and disruptive digital business models. As a recognized harbor of trust and political decentralization, Switzerland will — from 11 to 14 November — for the first time host the d10e, the leading conference series on the decentralization of the economy. The partner and co-initiator of the conference in Davos is the SmartOne Foundation, which aims to integrate the legal sector into the revolutionary development of the Blockchain technology and facilitate access to legal services for the crypto community.

“We are very proud and humbled to be co-hosting the first d10e in Switzerland. We believe this is a unique opportunity; both for the conference and our project. The whole team is looking forward to meet members of our community”
Said Patrick Salm, Co-Founder of SmartOne.

A Unique Opportunity

Launched in 2014, d10e addresses the decentralization of the economy, with a strong focus on services related to Blockchain technology. After eleven successful events, including in cities such as Singapore, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Kiev, the conference will now be held in Switzerland for the first time. The 12th global edition of d10e in Davos will give Swiss ICO projects an excellent platform to present their ambitions to a qualified investor audience.

During the event, visitors can look forward to various presentations and topic panels on the current challenges of blockchain and its regulation, a an ICO competition presenting around 20 selected projects to be financed via initial coin offering. Members of the Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC) will judge the projects and decide which projects will receive funding from their own investors. The BIC currently has approximately 100 individual members with more than $2 billion in digital assets under management.

For this occasion, the SmartOne Foundation is offering a 30% discount on the prices of the access tickets for the members of its community.

“We are inviting all our present and future members to get in touch with us directly via our Telegram channel to ask for their discount code. It will really be a pleasure to have you with us.”
Said Samuel Dionne, Communication Officer of SmartOne.

About “d10e”
d10e is the leading conference on decentralization which unites experts and thought-leaders exploring the fearless concepts, ideas, and technologies changing finance, business and culture. The series of conferences dedicated to the exploration of new and important developments in various areas of digitalization and their impact on people’s everyday lives includes topics such as decentralization, fintech, disruptive technologies, the sharing economy and the future of working. Since its founding in 2014, around a dozen conferences have been held in various cities around the world, with more than $750 million being raised for new projects in the described topic areas.

Further information: http://www.d10e.biz/
Forbes article about d10e: https://goo.gl/Ngau1u

About SmartOne
SmartOne is an association of experts from the fields of jurisprudence and digitisation technology and was established as a foundation in Liechtenstein in 2017. SmartOne aims to integrate the legal sector into the revolutionary development of blockchain technology and facilitate access to legal services for the crypto community. SmartOne cooperates with organisations such as the Greater Zurich Area, the Berne Economic Area, the Crypto Valley Association, the Crypto Country Association Liechtenstein, the Swiss LegalTech Association (SLTA) and financial institutions from Switzerland and Liechtenstein. SmartOne partners include the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Grant Thornton, BusinessPark Zug and ValidityLabs.

Further information: https://smartone.legal
Smith + Crown article about SmartOne: https://goo.gl/frn9rA



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