VR MED ICO - The first VR solution in MedTech

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VR MED is the first medical device in the world to use VR technology for a wide range of uses. It has the same success not only in ophthalmology but also in neurology and rehabilitation. This device includes a large part of the needs of the clinic with VR technology. Today, VR headphones are capable of replacing 40% of all ophthalmic devices, costing less than six times the cost of the Golden Standard. The development of new approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of patients is ongoing. Technology is patented. VRMD cards will become an internal currency of the platform, allowing users to acquire software to extend the functionality of the gadget and support new development on the platform.

VR MED software and hardware complex for screening in the field of ophthalmology were tested at the Eye Diseases Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Fah Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Today, VR helmets can replace 40% of all specialized functional ophthalmic clinics, costing less than six times the "Golden Standard" device.

The VR MED headset provides visual field analysis to enable physicians to diagnose early stage glaucoma. Preliminary hearing testing, completed at Fah Aachen University of Applied Sciences, has confirmed the uniqueness and innovation of this product. Currently the device is being tested at the Eye Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

VR MED is integrated into a headset with ergonomic design, which in contrast to the competition, offers greater accuracy in fast track speed. This allows the flexibility of the headset to be used in various medical settings.

VRMD Token is a local currency platform that allows owners
Get a product and use the right service at a lower price than the fiat currency
Get access to software updates, expand the functionality of the headset, buy and sell data.
Involve fundraising for new medical developments for VR MED headsets. The growth in the demand for tokens will depend on the growth in demand for equipment and updates.

Blockchain is the foundation of fpatform. VRMD-tokens are an internal means of payment that will ensure interactions between participants. Smart contract automates payments between clinics and developers. In addition, they will allow for the modification of the developer-investor relationship, including the financial terms, as well as the conditions for distributing the fund's profits and profits. Therefore, VR MED's blocker platform eliminates unnecessary intermediaries and creates the infrastructure needed to maximize the efficiency of the ecosystem's development.

Blockchain technologies, including tags provided in the Token Process, are actively being discussed by regulatory bodies of different countries, however, legislative bases, in particular all aspects The legal aspect of this phenomenon has not yet been established, including card issuance procedures, legal nature, registration requirements, consequences of a breach of issuance procedures. Thus, the operation and concept of the VR MED platform can be dramatically altered as a result of the new law on currency revenue.

Open protocols of the VR MED platform imply additional risks associated with the security information of the project. The VR MED team claims that they will do their best to prevent potential hackers from attacking the system, but will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from such malicious actions. In addition, the project's codecs will be provided on an Etherium platform, and disruptions in its operation may have a significant negative impact on the performance of the VRMD token.

It is likely that market participants will not pay much attention to the under development platform, which may put the project in peril. The VR MED team does not guarantee the commercial success of the proposed product, which may

result in partial or complete depreciation of the cards provided.

Contact information channels, please refer below

Website:- https://vrmed.io/


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