Importance of the Hada Dbank in commercial sectors

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The Hada Dbank is first digital bank. This bank is different from conventional banking. This is the first bank that includes the Islamic Banking Module by using Blockchain technology. In that case, many people are thinking that Islamic banks are only for Muslims. But it is the wrong conception. Everyone can use these Islamic Banks. These banks are less risky as compared to the other banks. These banks promote the risk sharing technologies between the borrower as well as the lender. These banks have neglected the interest at any level of financial transactions. Investments, savings and deposits of these banks are back by assets such as gemstones, metals etc.

In Islamic Bank, there are two basic principles are used. One is loss and profit sharing. Two is the exclusion of the payment and interest by lenders and borrowers. Interest collecting is also known as Riba. This is not included in the Islamic law. If profit occurs, bank and customer share a pre-agreed proportion. If any loss occurs, the lenders will accept the loss. Generally, Islamic Banks cannot create the debt without products back.

What is ICO token sale:

The full form of ICO is Initial Coin Offerings. For the cryptocurrency projects, it is the best way of the fund. It is one of the best events for all cryptocurrency project creators. They can earn huge money for these operations. In this event, a new cryptocurrency project sells its all cryptocurrency tokens to the adopters and exchange for money. Also, most of the ICOs increase money in Bitcoin. Once the project is finished, the ICOs take place. For the large projects, most of the ICO price goes to the foundation. This provides an ongoing support. Initially, these ICOs works as a distribution model for the tokens of the cryptocurrency project.

How ICO works?

Generally, ICOs are announced in various cryptocurrency forums. It is widely used on Bitcointalk. These various announcements contain basic information about the project. This information is a white paper, project development, an objective of the project, essential features of the project, team involvement, ICO timeline, past experience of the team members and other ICO details etc. The ICO funds are gathered in Bitcoin. It includes either using a public address or by using any global access. Also, another way is making accounts of each and individual participant and provides them an exclusive Bitcoin address. The dynamics of an ICO vary in different cases. For increasing the money, they add a few weeks. Also, they are trying to increase as much as they can. Some ICOs improve the total amount that is raised. For the early promotion payments, a few percentages of tokens are set aside. These are keeping for social media campaigns, newsletter campaigns and forum signature etc. When the project is launched and ICO is finished, the tokens of ICO are listing on the cryptocurrencies. The prices are reasonable.

Benefits of the ICO token sale:

There are many benefits of ICO token sale are obtainable. Some important benefits are,

· The ICOs provide a unique way to arrange capital that provides an economic shock and also hedge against political issues.

· It provides a high reward as well as high risk asset that are detached from the economy and the stock markets.

· At the very first stage, early contributors will get more liquidity.

· It is not registered and regulated with any government organization.

· You will get almost 1000% returns from the investing in ICOs.

· You can access the token that has a probable for rapid capital growth.

· If you are taking an alternative asset that will be not based on FIAT currency.


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