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Building the bridge between the digital and the physical world

rent24 is one of the fastest growing providers of coworking and coliving spaces worldwide. With locations on three continents rent24 has more than 8,000 customers around the world and many more to come. Our infrastructure includes coliving locations, cafés, restaurants and gyms, growing exponentially the generated value is tangible. In fact, it is the first true use case of blockchain in everyday life.

Our belief in the power of a globally connected community is the basis of our work. Due to space limitations we are looking for new ways to overcome spatial boundaries. In doing so, we want to continuously optimize the real value of a community for our members.

Establishing the foundation for innovation

Since our start in 2015, we envisioned a digital network from which every member benefits through collaborating and interacting with each other.

Making a pool of talents accessible to everyone within our community, regardless of their physical location would create a digital network where creativity and thinking outside the box can lay the foundation for groundbreaking ideas and innovation. To empower this, we created PRIMARY, a platform for community interaction with a powerful tokenized reward and member scoring system.

Creating a decentralised platform

We are using EOS blockchain to create a decentralized, democratic and stable environment. It allows us to provide our community with a powerful encrypted platform and mobile application which can be used for everyday interaction, tasks and transactions.

Within this system users are incentivised to be an active part in the community by contributing with their skills and knowledge.
An artificial intelligence (AI) engine is going to create synergies between users by analysing and matching their skills, proposing tasks and rewarding activity.


Let’s assume you’re a gifted web designer and another member needs your support with their new website. In exchange for your effort you get rewarded. The rewards can then be exchanged for goods and services offered by rent24 and its alliance partners, ranging from hotels and restaurants to shopping malls and car sharing.

Additionally we will open blockchain hubs. These new locations are fully equipped campuses with coworking (open space, coding rooms, team meet-up areas, etc.), coliving facilities, restaurants, activity rooms, lounges, event spaces, fitness and recreation areas.

Everybody have an equal opportunity to grow within the platform not just locally but internationally as well. Everybody can join, either as a member or as an alliance partner.

Benefits through PRIMARY:

  • All existing communities are digitally connected
  • Cooperation between members is empowered and rewarded
  • The system is open to all token holders linking the digital with the the physical world

Want to get in touch with us?

For further information regarding token distribution, whitepaper and the team behind the project visit our website:


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