Blockchain - based loans. Safe, affordable, transparent.

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The use of blockchain technology in the financial sector will allow loans to be transparent, safe and accessible to any client in the world.

Credit is an opportunity to realize your plans and dreams here and now.


Country experience

Credit is a powerful financial instrument that you need to be able to use.
The credit system was invented many thousands of years ago.
45% of the German population believe that loans are an effective financial instrument that can be used to expand business. 30% of the US population believe that loans are a way to improve living standards by buying better housing or a car. The population of Argentina also prefer to use loans. Due to the high level of inflation in the country it is very profitable to take the money now and return it later. Also in Argentina there is an attractive mortgage lending system. If an Argentine resident has a loan he does not pay taxes. High credit demand can also be noted in Norway and Germany. In Germany, we can note the highest level of loan repayment - 97%.

Many people take loans and actively use it, and someone does not know how to use and faces financial difficulties.
Smart people have long used credit as a very useful tool with which to make life better.
But very often "easy money" becomes an excessive burden. Why is this happening and why people are afraid to take out loans?

Imperfection of the credit system

1.High interest rate

For example, I will give you statistics on interest rates on lending in the world:

  • Finland-0,25%
  • Japan-1,0%
  • France-1,8%
  • Australia-8,65%
  • Russia-8,92%
  • India-9,45%
  • Egypt-18,2%
  • Brazil-53,2%

This is not the whole list, but we can see that interest rates are quite high in many countries. It is not profitable for customers to pay high interest rates. However, in some countries, for example, in the US to take out loans is considered the norm. In this country, a perfect, well-developed credit system. 70% of the American population use Bank loans. About 6 credit cards are for one US resident .

2.A big waste of time on loan processing

The loan processing is a long process, which consists of several procedures.

  • Identification of customer needs
  • Verification of documents on financial discipline and creditworthiness of the borrower. Banks request a large number of certificates and documents. Banks also spend a lot of time to check documents: checking credit history, documents, official earnings. Banks around the world are requesting credit histories from the global bureaus of Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. In the US, 90% of credit institutions use the FICO score.
    To obtain data on credit history, banks spend a lot of money, which is then included in the overpayment on the loan of each client.
  • Agreement conclusion


In 2015, 15 million customers were stolen from Experian credit Bureau. In 2017, 143 million customers ' data were stolen from Equifax. This suggests that the data storage system with credit histories is not secure.

The use of blockchain technology in the field of lending can solve many problems.

Blockchain technology is already used in many spheres of life. Blockchain technology is a "HYIP" of our time and its application in the financial sphere will give a new impetus and new opportunities in the development of lending.

Well, now about the most important!

The project, which opens up new opportunities in the field of lending to people around the world:

Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) is a global decentralized platform based on blockchain technology, which opens wide opportunities in the credit industry for suppliers and borrowers and brings together all interested participants.


This is a new level of credit relations with transparent, safe and affordable loans.
Instead of contracts, there will be safe smart contracts, and instead of high interest rates, there will be low rates, common to all residents, regardless of the territory of residence.
Before the advent of the blockchain alternatives for secure storage of credit stories of the clients did not exist. Now all customer data will be stored in the blockchain registry, protected from unauthorized access and without the possibility of hacking, which means that the client verification procedure will take a minimum amount of time. To approve the loan, the client only needs to submit an application with a digital signature and wait for a response.
In my opinion, there is no point in comparing the traditional approach of lending and innovation, because the new model is a completely different level of credit relations. This is a completely transparent system with high security, loyal interest rates and the possibility of earning with the help of the platform token – DCC.This is a project with great potential, on which a team of expert professionals is working.

Hard cap - $49 million USD.

Partners of the company are leading companies such as TONGNIU Tech, JUZIX, WXY. And one of the first major investors in the project were BTX Capital, JRR Capital and others.

More details about the project can be found in Whitepaper on the company's website.

Thank you for your attention! I am very interested in your opinion.

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I see a big problem with this. If you lend someone 1BTC and want it back in 1 year at even as low as 10%. What happens when BTC goes on a massive bull run.

1btc = $6500
You want 10% = 0.10 btc

Total repay = 1.10 btc

What if the price at the end of this rises to $20k

Your repayment on $6500 is $22k.

Thats why borrowing money accross forex is very risky.


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Price volatility is a disadvantage. It is worth considering lending in another currency, not in bitcoin. It is important to properly assess your risks.

Blockchain-based loans are our future.


Blockchain is our future. And such loans will be like berries on the cake. I doubt that anyone can resist such favorable credit conditions.

I think its
new concept loan through crytocurrency I hope
e it soon start in India
too. what you think @pokoleniebit


Yes, I think all countries will be covered. Everyone will be able to get a favorable rate.

The credit system is not perfect now. Definitely, it needs to be changed.


I agree, there are many problems that need to be solved. Let's hope that this project will be able to realize all plans into reality. The concept is cool.

Due to the latest blockchain technology, the platform has all the chances to become very popular


I believe it! I am sure that we are investing in a better project.

The project is supported by well-known advisers and investors who have long proven themselves. This is a big plus in favor of the project.


Such projects always quickly reach the hard cap.

I'll keep an eye on the project and take their token into my portfolio.


Proper solution. I bought tokens too.

Top project. All people use credit. And with favorable conditions it will be used by the whole world.


I do not know people who would not take a loan at least once in their life. This project is really relevant.

One of the most promising projects of this year!


I also have high hopes for this project.

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An open system, the best and safest loans. This is the dream of many customers.


Yes, thanks to blockchain and this project for this opportunity to get such loans.

I am sure that this platform will help many companies.

Traditional loans are boring. I want something new.

The project solves a very serious problem related to lending worldwide.

A platform is for all people from all over the world, it is an interesting solution.