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Greetings to friends, wrote an article about ICO DSPLUS - PLUSCOIN
Now I want to acquaint you with Mobile application

Greetings to you, friends! Today I would like to tell you a little about such a wonderful application, called DS Plus!

So, what is this application?

DSplus is a developed application for mobile devices that allows you to make purchases of certain goods in partner stores and get a generous CASHBAK in the form of coins PLC! In fact, the application is a kind of service, to return some of the money spent, just a bit unusual for everyone, because it uses blocking technology, which allows you to get the keshbek much faster and in larger sizes!

Now let's see what exactly is a PLC coin?

PlusCoin (shortened PLC) is a token that is developed according to the Ethereum ERC20 standard, specifically for the DS Plus platform and is used for the reward we mentioned above!

At the moment, the ICO of the company is being held, where you can purchase these tokens at the lowest price, as well as get a bonus discount, the information on the link PlusCoin

This company has been in existence for a year and during this time, it has already been joined by more than 115,000 users from all over the world, more than 1,500 largest partners such as KFC, McDonalds, Reebok and others!
In general, the goal of this project is to attract as many users of blocking technology as possible, using for this purpose the encouragement of its users in the form of a return of a part of the value of goods, PLC tokens (CASHBACK)

In addition to the fact that you will receive a reward for purchases in the shops of partners, you can also earn these tokens:

invite friends to the app
use a referral link

At the moment you can spend your coins PusCoin, to buy goods in branded online stores DSplus

You can also purchase lottery tickets and participate in the drawing of prizes, such as Play Station 4, XBOX One, iPhone 6, BMW 3 series!

I think that this article helped you understand what DSplus is and why it was created, because the goal of this company is also that the average user, for whom the word "CRYPTO" is already something supernatural, could easily use this application!


People's Crypto-currency

ICO started from 10/09/2017 to 10/11/2017
Bitcoin, LiteCoin, DASH, Etherium, TIME

In 1 First PlusCoinToken is a package that contains 3300 PlusCoin (the final token)
All ICOs are divided into 3 phases:
In the first phase (20 days or 3 000 000 token + 400 000 Bounty) ICO "First PlusCoinToken" will be sold at a price of $ 10 for token.
In the second phase (20 days or 3 000 000 token + 300 000 Bounty) ICO "First PlusCoinToken" will be sold for $ 11.5 per token.
In the final phase (the last 20 days or 3 000 000 token + 300 000 Bounty) ICO "First PlusCoinToken" will be sold at a price of $ 13 for token.
The number of First PlusCoinToken issued during the ICO is limited to 9,000,000 token + 1 million 000 bounty

Participate - http://ico.pluscoin.io

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