Why should someone visiting another country pay 8–10 times more than a local? This ICO from Blockchain in Telecom is the first step to solve the mobile roaming conundrum.steemCreated with Sketch.

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The poorer the country, the more expensive the mobile roaming.

Telecom 2.0

Blockchain replaces legacy roaming technology by smart contracts for mobile operators' interactions.

The Blockchain in Telecom technology is based on Proof of Importance consensus to process millions of smart-contracts worldwide between mobile operators.

The state of mobile roaming today.

With Blockchain in Telecom, creating & executing seamless smart contracts is within a minute, for subscribers. Direct connection to a local operator provides low rates, high LTE quality & frictionless management using the Bubbletone mobile app.

How Blockchain in Telecom benefits mobile operators & mobile consumers.

Crypto-holders can setup own nodes to earn Universal Mobile Tokens (UMT) on smart contracts processing. An expanding demand & a limited supply of tokens are a great revenue stream for each participant.

How Universal Mobile Tokens benefit mobile operators.

Yuri Morozov presents blockchain undergirded mobile roaming. A boon for both mobile operators & mobile customers “roaming” away from their home networks.

Why should someone visiting another country pay 8–10 times more than a local? Anymore?

The poorer the country, the more expensive the roaming.

The Blockchain in Telecom ICO is the first step in solving the global mobile roaming conundrum.

Yuri Morozov, CEO, Multi Digital Services
The Black Church, St. Mary’s Place, Dublin 7, Ireland
T: +353 152 66 506, +7 495 782 1001
E: [email protected]
W: bubbletone.net, mds.group
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