Knoxcoin offline - Lending ICO disappears

in ico •  last year

This could potentially of been a scam. I did have some money on the site personally. I do have some faith that they will come back. But just like Elektra coin the could exit with the funds people up on the site. So i will not hold my breath for this one but i do hope they come back. The site was under maintenance last night and they were suppose to have their ICO last night. Now today the site is completely gone and not even the maintenance notice is there anymore. I can not find any information on what is going on besides that they are upgrading their server for the ICO. This could be a lie, i don't know.

I did not share this with my followers and i am glad i didn't. I usually put my own money in first and buy before i share anythinig. If you were involved in this it might be time to just move on to the next one.

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is this new ico?


it was suppose to be last night but they have disappeared after the maintenance we will see if they come back.

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