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Peerguess is a cryptocurrency price ticker application where users may also guess future prices to earn gems; learn about community tendencies and reach sophisticated data. 

We thought that it would be easier for our audience to perceive our project through a simple and concise set of Q & A framings rather than reading a long and boring narrative. In the following sections, you will find the unique functionality and features of peerguess, our innovative solution to track, predict and analyze cryptocurrency based on gamification principles, which we believe will attract a huge mass appeal. 

We also believe that the audience of our project is the entire cryptocurrency community and therefore, we think that every member of the community, either a newbie investor or a seasoned miner should consider reading this White Paper and investing in the peerguess project. 

The information contained here is for information purposes only and is not a call for investment. Any investment should be evaluated with care and should be thoroughly calibrated to your economic state, and investment consideration should be given with the money you can afford to lose. 

The unique features of peerguess 

We believe that, in short time, all cryptocurrency ticker and portfolio applications will be replaced by peerguess as it provides not just the common features all cryptocurrency followers have been looking for, but also a game to play even if you don’t currently own any cryptocurrency. 

As some of you know and as explained in sections below, it’s not possible to introduce tokens as a payment method in AppStore. Therefore, we have created “Gems”, which you will be able to convert them to ERC20 type GUESS Tokens over Ethereum platform. You will start with Gems given (and you will receive more as an investment bonus) and you will either buy from the in-app purchase or convert GUESS tokens to Gems. 

The game will be simple at heart. You will set the amount of Gem you want to play with and you will click Up or Down buttons. For example, if the price for one Ethereum is $261 now, you will try to guess if it will be lower or higher than $261 after 24 hours. Aside from playing the game, peerguess will also allow all users to train with Gems, and compare their predictions with the real-world data. 

From that point forward, our platform will analyze the Gem play data to provide sophisticated results, reports and opportunities to make profit. Keep in mind that peerguess platform’s unique features will be provided permanently free for the ICO investors, depending on their investment amount 

Token distribution scheme 

GUESS tokens are Ethereum based ERC20 tokens at its simple form. Ethereum is a considerably new technology and we chose not to bring any complexity during the creation of the Smart Contract as we believe that the simpler it is the safer it will be. 

The total supply of GUESS token is non-re-issuable 200,000,000, of which 120,000,000 will be offered during the ICO period. The funds raised during the ICO will be invested in the further development of the project, as well as paying the maintenance costs for the infrastructure. Also, we know that the success of the project relies entirely on the number of people actually using the application, therefore we will have a digital user acquisition team built to attract more users from all around the world. 

Benefits for our ICO investors!

  • You will be able to see Cumulative Guess Analytics
  • You will get data from Recommendation Engine, Stigmergic Quantitative Data modules
  • You will be able to Auto-Trade
  • You will have a chance to get GUESS tokens much less than its possible future market value
  • You will get bonus Gems and your Gem conversion rate will be higher
  • Any investment made during the ICO will also remove the application ads permanently

Unique Investment Tier System

Investors will earn access to Cumulative Guess Analytics, Recommendation Engine, Stigmergic Quantitative Data and Auto-Trade modules depending on their investment amount. Remember that no one would get these modules free for a long time once the platform fully functions. Here is the tier segments that we have:

TIER0 from 00.00 ETH to 01.50 ETH

TIER1from 01.50 ETH to 15.00 ETH

TIER2from 15.00 ETH to 30.00 ETH

TIER3from 30.00 ETH to 70.00 ETH

TIER470.00 ETH and more

Who are we?

Our team has years of experience in the internet and mobile gaming industry. Our co-founders are currently employed by one of the most successful mobile game development company and also have deep knowledge on big data. 

Our team has chosen to move forward with CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India for application development to secure a more stable development and to ensure that we do not lose knowledge if we lose a developer. 

We, as a team, have also experience and extensive knowledge about Bitcoin and altcoins. As veteran miners and hopeless traders, we purposed ourselves to fulfill a deep-seated need of the cryptocurrency community by creating a simple and engaging product with unique futures.

Management Team 

Levent Kurt - Co-Founder 

Seyit Özgür - Co-Founder 

Mert Çavdar - Community Manager 

Nebi Şenol Yılmaz - Information Security 

Development Team 

Jaya Gehani - Project Manager 

Mangesh Vyas - Developer 

Kapil Prajapati - QA Engineer S

ubhash Patidar - UIX Designer 

Advisory Team 

Dexter Kwak - Gamification Advisor & S.Korea Ambassador 

Murat Hatipoğlu - Network Security Advisor & UK Ambassador 

Jian Jolly - Technical Advisor & Founder of Bitkapital 

Ebru Kurt - Legal Advisor 



Official Website





ETH : 0xeDa3ce39915150a98Fc32cbb5FA1373efD3Ce10e

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