GYM LEDGER: First Hand Band Integrated with Wallet

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The new age is here and therefore the biggest technology human has ever seen, the blockchain technology. The Blockchain technology is so the foremost necessary influencing technology that human is presently experiencing, it can be implemented in most projects nowadays and it's giving nice output, giving additional success and opportunities to life. The Blockchain technology has never been unsuccessful and can still provide most output so far as its been used. I have to say that the blockchain technology is here to stay and solve our challenges also make life easier and better.

Exercise is a bodily activity that enhances or maintains shape and overall health and well being. We tend to all recognize that exercise is one amongst those activities that help us in staying healthy and is incredibly essential for the body to function optimally. However, with the health benefit just a few individuals exercise their body as a result of they do not care or are extremely busy with work. However, Gym Ledger is here to inspire everybody to exercise their body whereas everybody earn by doing that solely. With Gym Ledger you keep healthier and at the same time additional earning. To create this potential Gym Ledger has designed the world’s initial health band with integrated hardware wallet. The Gym Ledger has two necessary options it provides to users, capable of observance cardio activities within the body system of human. This is an essential role that Gym Ledger plays in helping human stay healthier with this futures individuals do not have to pay and visit hospitals anytime to check heart rate and can alert users once their heart rate is high or low so that they can visit the doctor. This feature can facilitate to save lots of life and additionally facilitate to safe cash. The second role that Gym Ledger plays is as a hardware wallet to store cryptocurrency. With the wallet users do not have to worry concerning where to store their token, the hardware wallet mechanically store it in it secured place, the wallet additionally supports Tron, Ethereum, Bitcoin and EOS wallets with all of their tokens and additional are going to be supplementary later. The wallet as well have the feature to send/transfer cryptocurrency which might be done by connecting it to a smartphone or a laptop. The Gym Ledger wallet is absolutely secured and can be carried any wherever.

Another feature of Gym Ledger wallet is to assist user stakes their mined token order than simply leaving it in the wallet.

The wallet stakes your Gym Ledger token and may earn you up to five rewards.

The Gym Ledger team has created some technology obtainable to create all of this processes potential and run swimmingly. The team has designed it own app that is on the app stores for iOS and android users, the Mining app is made with captive (Proof of Work) that have the flexibility to send your exercise rate to the blockchain and come back your reward to your wallet. Another adaption by the them is that the Bluetooth vital sign monitor, the Gym Ledger is additionally a Bluetooth heart rate monitor its connected to the mining app through Bluetooth and helps to trace your workouts within the Mining app. Alternative Bluetooth monitor can as work in this case.

The Gym Ledger team has additionally designed and created Gym Ledger wrist band, the wrist band can facilitate track and record all calorie burn by users throughout exercise. The wrist joint band is made in a very distinctive manner that may track users distance from begin to finish throughout exercise.

The Gym Ledger token LGR is made to reward each users for working out their body. The most purpose of the token is to be mined by those that participate in exercise.

Total Supply: 100,000,000
Token Offered: 20,000,000
Soft-cap: 4,000,000
Hard-cap: 20,000,000
Pre-Sale Date: 1st Oct - 15th Oct (1LGR = 0.0014ETH)
Token Sale Date: 16th Oct - 31st Oct (1LGR = 0.0015ETH)
Token Sale Date: Nov 1st - 31st Dec (1LGR = 0.002ETH)

Token Distribution
Ecosystem Development: 30%
GYM ledger token sale: 20%
Partnership and growth: 25%
Private investors: 10%
Advisors and development: 15%

Token Allocation
Project development: 40%
Marketing: 20%
Business Development: 12%
Legal and Regulations: 10%
Operational: 8%
Partners/investors: 6%
Contingency: 4%

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