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New cryptocurrency projects are launched every day but only very few are developed with the interest of the people at heart. IDMONEY is one those projects that have been developed with the aim of bettering the lives of people, enabling people profit from gaming and learning about cryptocurrencies while achieving its mission of becoming the worlds biggest multi-government money. IDMONEY is also committed to the alleviation of poverty in the world and has developed a plan to do so at the local government level.


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The IDMONEY ecosystem is made up of four(4) products:

  • The IDMONEY GAME APP: This application will provide users with the ability to interact with the cryptocurrency world, and benefit from playing games on the platform while receiving rewards for performing activities. Some of such games include:

I. LAMBO which borders on one of the central ideas of the IDMONEY project of finding three(3) local governments/municipalities that are dedicated to its vision of effective cryptocurrency governance, education, self-sovereign identity and social contribution. These local governments will have been suggested by a Field Ambassador and votes will be cast to decide the winning local governments. Field Ambassadors of winning local governments win a whooping LAMBO prize of 400ETH and 100 000 IDM tokens!

II. MISSION POSSIBLE which prepares Field Ambassadors for the LAMBO game. It involves the passing of three(3)stages, after which proposed local governments become eligible to be voted for in the LAMBO game/contest.

III. NERD ACADEMY where users are rewarded for answering IDMONEY related questions. So do not limit knowledge to being just power when it could be a good way to earn! Test your knowledge of the IDMONEY project, prove how knowledgeable you are, and smile.

IV. CRYPTOLAND MANGA which will be the manga of the platform, so manga fans get ready! The IDMONEY app allows users to view manga weeks in advance and also feature in special personalized manga editions along with their favorite manga character.

  • IDMONEY TOKEN: This is the native token of the platform and will be the means of exchange in the IDMONEY ecosystem. The IDMONEY token is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring fast, cheap, and secure transactions. A total of 35 000 000 IDM will ever be created.


  • CRYPTOLAND.TV a unique and fun way to learn about IDMONEY and the crypto market. Educating users while story-telling, CRYPTOLAND.TV will provide users with the relevant knowledge on IDMONEY, software tools, and the cryptocurrency market in general.

  • MONEY MAKING WALLET was developed to allow each user exercise their fundamental human right to a virtual personality through the establishment of a self-sovereign identity on the IDMONEY network. The wallet not only allows users manage their personal information but also enables them to earn from it through the sale of their personal data to financial institutions and marketing firms.

The MONEY MAKING WALLET software evolved from a fraud-prevention software which has been effectively used SCOTIABANK since 2007 and has the capability of storing multiple cryptocurrencies!


IDMONEY tokens, IDM is being offered for sale to the public. The presale will begin on 1st June 2018 and 1 000 000 IDM will be available for purchase.



It is important to note that residents of China and US are excluded from the token sale due to regulations. Als,o only transactions from ERC-20 compatible wallets will be recognized.

To find out more about the project, use any of the links below:

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