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The world is going to have it’s very first blockchain phone thanks to Function x. The phone is going to be equipped with innovative features that are not found on other smartphones. The phone will run entirely on transmission protocol for the blockchain age.

Function x is looking to expand the use and implementation of blockchain technology beyond financial transfers which are what blockchain is commonly revolutionizing. The XPhone will run independently without the need for a centralized service provider which is common on conventional phones. This means that I can be able to route my phone calls and messages through blockchain nodes without requiring phone numbers.

Once I am in possession of an XPhone, I will have it registered on the Function x network. In case somebody wants to have access to my publicly shared data or content; they can just enter FXTP://xxx.james. which is similar to what is currently done with conventional phones (https://protocol)

Regardless of whether I am sharing photos, data, files or a website, anyone can be able to access these through the path that I have mentioned above. In case a friend of mine wants to give me a call, text or email on my XPhone they simply have to enter paths for all those activities. (‘call. James’,
‘message. James’ or ‘mail. James’)

Data transmission on the XPhone will run on a complex exchange of public and private key data which will be encrypted. There is guaranteed communication without an interception and gives me direct access to the data shared by others on the network. Any information which will be sent or transacted over the Function x blockchain will also be recorded on the chain.

Decentralized Apps for mass adoption.


Sharing economy.

The Xphone gives the power back to the users over the manner in which their data is being shared and with whom. This is the ultimate solution to the conventional application of decentralized apps as with Xphone, I will be able to decide how my content is being displayed and used.

Free naming.

The Node Name System allows for name registration on blockchain where one can register their names for a unique identity. With Function x, the Node Name System will allow every piece of the network’s hardware including the Xphone to have a unique identifier that can be named anything with digits and numbers.

Mobile data currency.

Instead of using heavy bills to a mobile carrier for voice calls, I will be able to pay less by making blockchain calls. The fees will be paid in the form of function x coin which is the utility token on the Function x network. The most important benefit of this feature is that I will be able to have privacy over my calls, something I lack on my current mobile network operator.

Decentralized file storage.

Function x is the ultimate natural fit for decentralized file storage with the deployment of XPOS, smart hardware nodes and many more.



XPhone is going to be the ideal mobile phone as it will incorporate numerous functionalities powered by blockchain technology to provide state of the art services to the end-user. Function x is going to disrupt this never explored sector helping spread the blockchain solution further to the masses.



★ Author: jamesndungu1
★ BitcoinTalk Profile:;u=1856049
★ All Images credited to FunctionX OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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