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 On the way to smart and autonomous society


My name is Ilya, I am the developer and founder of the project Zen. I am here to talk about the project which will completely change your view on the Internet.

Zen is the result of my difficult and long-term research in spheres of information theory, sociology, mathematics, Information Ecology, Human Information Behavior, Human Information Interaction. So, working on this topics and investigating problems arising between people and information, I came to understanding the deep-seated problems of information and the Internet in particular. Trying to find a way of solving those problems I decided to start my own project Zen.

What is Zen?

  • Zen is an application and a decentralised network. What does it mean? It means that all the information is stored not on a single server or data centre, but on people’s computers. Obviously it’s encrypted. Decentralisation provides complete protection of the user’s information.
  • Zen is a desktop application which is an alternative to Internet browser.
  • Zen is a semi-closed decentralized social network, a search engine and a repository of information. Here information is created, updated and consumed directly by the users of the system. Information is distributed among the members of the network in accordance with a p2p model.
  • Zen is a big new world, new universe with new rules, with your rules. Just imagine it and you will understand me. It is like you find a new continent where you can do everything.

Let me show you the interface so that you understand what’s going on.

Application interface for test

The detailed description of it will be given on ICO and in our posts on Medium.So now we’re familiar with the app, but how will it be useful for us?What’s the idea: the application Zen is being developed in order to solve a number of systematic problems of the Internet, make people’s life easier. What kinds of problems does Zen solve? Which problems did become the reasons to create this project.

Problem overview

In the process of life and activity in the online space we faced a number of problems which are not being solved now and cause more and more harm every year.Web is like an ocean of information. There is so much of it that it’s difficult to even imagine. But the majority of this information is just a waste rock. Only a small part of it is really valuable.

web is a plant for the production of informational noise and garbage

The main point that I’m trying to emphasise is that web is a plant for the production of informational noise and garbage.It’s all this advertising, registration, enormous amount of low-quality information. Also it’s the constant e-mail spam, notifications from hundreds of internet services where you once left your data. Not to mention one-type internet services and millions of web sites.

It’s all called informational noise, some people call it informational garbage. It reaches us as soon as we open the browser. I’m sure you have faced it.

Informational noise and information overload

And thus here I will use a metaphor. There accumulates a lot of information mosquitoes around each of us, they drink our blood, suck our time complicating our lives. Those mosquitoes are all the ads, notifications, invitations and endless search of the relevant information.

you and web

Due to advertisements, marketing, search engine optimisation, SMM and other things, our heads are full of unwanted information. Sometimes we don’t notice it because we already got used to poking around all this garbage. It’s necessary to spend essential time of your life in order to find the necessary information. More often people experience information overload.

Users need to monitor many social networks, messengers, thematic websites and forums. Information channel of a person gets full of advertising and marketing messages. Because of information overload and informational noise emotional wellbeing of a person worsens affecting their health and productivity. Valuable time of everyone’s life is wasted.It’s a long talk, we’ll come back to it later. For now let’s continue discussing problems.


The Internet industry is a big vacuum cleaner to collect money. We use one service and we pay for it. Then we use another service and again we pay. I can agree that they improve the quality of our lives but why don’t we create a single universal service and pay it for a set of different functions. As an example imagine a swiss knife.

That’s what we aim to do. But we are going even further. Since the system is decentralised and we don’t have significant expenditure on hardware support and stuf maintaining it. It means that our users don’t pay for it.

Crisis of trust in information and responsibility

Fakes news are everywhere. What’s the reason of them spreading so fast? It’s the lack of responsibility of the authors. Zen, for example, monitores it. If someone gives fake news and it is confirmed, then the rating of the publisher lowers. Would you now try to catch a major mass media and lower its rating? Now it is possible.

BREAKING NEWS: Google buys Zen Project for $10 billion

Reputation is an asset of the 21st century. It’s a mechanism of increasing responsibility. It cannot be bought or sold. You can only earn it doing socially useful actions or spend it. This mechanism will be fully described later.

Equal access to assets

Current algorithms of reaching consensus PoW and PoS separate society. They give advantages to some people but deprive others of them. Mining farms deprive people of equal opportunities to obtain cryptocurrency, tokens and assets. There is no healthy competition, ordinary users have no access to the issue of cryptocurrency. But current competition — competition in computational powers — is not beneficial for people and the world. It’s just a consumption of electricity. While computational power itself can benefit people and science.Our idea is to give participants a mechanism of obtaining assets/cryptocurrency through their productive and useful activities such as creating, correcting and updating information created by people.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give the users of Internet the instrument to make life easier. This instrument will allow them to save their priceless time of life. Zen is a new milestone in the development of the Internet that will reduce the amount of informational noise and informational pollution.

Our mission is to reduce the role of advertising as means of getting profit. In our opinion it is the main reason if informational pollution. In the pursuit of advertising the business does not act in the interests of ordinary people, more and more manipulating their weaknesses, desires and pains.Developing Zen we completely realise that Zen cannot belong to a limited number of people who will use it to increase only their own capital and material prosperity.Our mission is to create an ecosystem for honest, fair and responsible people.Our mission is to create an autonomous and smart society.

Core Objectives

  1. Create an application that will be an alternative to web browsers, that will combine all the main user scenarios in the Internet: communication, search and creation of information, entertainment.
  2. Reduce information overload, make life easier in the period of information age.
  3. Make the application decentralised, independent from material interests of a limited number of people.
  4. Reward users for socially useful actions. Any activity aiming to collect and organise knowledge should be rewarded as well as any socially useful actions.
  5. Reduce negative influence of unscrupulous people, organisations and information. Any negative and destructive action should have an effect on life of its initiator.
  6. Give people equal opportunities for personal development. All the people are equal and if someone has less resources than the other, it should not matter if the person wants to develop.

Current status of the project

As for the technical side of the project, it is implemented at 15–20%. Front end is built for it, blockchain solution is being developed and R&D is being conducted.

Testing the application interface


Why blockchain? — you can ask. Zen uses the technologies based on blockchain and its own cryptocurrency ZenToken as means of exchange, payments, voting, games, rewarding members of the application for useful activity.

What is ZenToken?

  • ZenToken can be used in the application in order to pay for purchases, content, voting and other social interactions of subjects between each other and with the world.
  • ZenToken acts as a unit of measure of the economic condition inside the platform Zen.
  • ZenToken are required for Zen platform to operate and for access of users to the program.



The project is being developed by a team of software engineers and scientists. We’ve decided to launch Pre ICO for the project in order to accelerate its development, get feedbacks, comments and opinions, draw attention to the problems that are being solved. We are doing it in order to refine the conceptual ideas with the help of society because that’s you who will use the application. So what do you think of it? What else could we improve?We would also like to attract indifferent to this project professionals who understand these problems and their seriousness. We would like to see in our team strong mathematicians, lawyers and programmers in order to fully implement our ideas. So if you share our ideas and would like to become part of our team, please contact me (facebook, email: [email protected]).The minimum required amount (equivalent to $300,000) is necessary to strengthen our team, launch the alpha version, to run a large-scale ICO campaign and to attract participants of the project. Pre ICO also includes collection of funds for the preparation of marketing campaigns, advertising in social networks, registration of all the necessary documents.Pre ICO will be held on the official website of the project Zen, using smart contracts of the Ethereum platform.Everyone who is interested in this project and agree to the terms of this campaign can support the project by taking part in our Pre ICO and get ZenToken.

Distribution of ZenToken

Whole amount of released tokens: 270 000 000 ZenTokenPre ICO Fund: 20,000,000 ZenTokenThe minimum amount, that will let us move forward faster is 1500 ETH. Maximum: 5500 ETH. Time of the Pre ICO: from 31st July to 30th August 2017. It will last only one month.The whole information about the Pre ICO is available on our web site:

Where will the money be used?

  • Research and development, team: 40%
  • Marketing: 30%
  • Registration, office: 20%
  • Technological infrastructure: 10%

Road Map

Briefly about the road map. You can find the full information in the White Paper.

  1. Pre ICO: from 31st July to 31th August 2017
  2. ICO: from 15th October 2017 to 15th November 2017
  3. v.0.1: 15th November 2017
  4. v.0.2 - Q1 2018
  5. v.0.3 - Q2 2018
  6. v.0.4 - Q3 2018
  7. v.0.5 - Q4 2018 
  8. v.1.0 - Q3 2019


White paper

We are creating a clean Internet where you can find everything you need: friends, mail, calls, cinema, games, articles and much more — all of it together and you don’t need to register ten times in similar web sites.

Again, we’re not creating a ‘killer’ of browsers. We offer an alternative. Browsers with all those millions of web pages, notifications, advertisements, spam, fraud, bots, enormous amount of low-quality information, that is what we’re so used to, will remain. We only offer a different view on the Internet, we suggest you make your choice yourself. We’re making a more convenient format of interaction with information and the Internet.It’s going to be a long and hard way but we’re ready for it and we know what to do. So we’re waiting for the support of those people who share our views.Would you like to support the project? But you don’t have cryptocurrency? Visit where you can subscribe to support the project.Subscribe to this blog and also our pages in social networks.From this moment, weekly reports on the project development will be posted on this blog and in social networks. I invite you to take part in discussing the project and problems.Stay in touch with me personally, I’ll be glad to talk to everyone interested in the project.Please share this article with your friends so that they could also leave their opinion. Accompany your repost with the hashtag #openZen so that we could track the activity and take part in your discussion.Good luck to everyone and let’s together change the world for better!


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