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Website: https://goo.gl/bNWtP7
WhitePaper: https://goo.gl/CLtET7
What is Lina.review?

  • Lina.review is the platform for reviewing on Blockchain, utilizing blockchain’s immutability to produce the best possible transparency and creating conditions for reviewers to benefit from providing quality reviews, as well as easily and directly interact with users and providers of products or services totally trustless.

  • Lina is not just a website but it is a Blockchain-based platform so that everyone can build their own review system to develop community and manage their own businesses. All Lina-based review channels are globally connected.
    What make Lina.review special?

  • Transparency
    The Review and Rating results are completely transparent to the users and everyone can verify it.

  • Can not be manipulated
    The assessment and rating score is decentralized so it cannot be faked or manipulated by any third party.

  • Specific Criteria
    Lina.review has introduced a set of criteria applied to more than 20 fields ranging from technological products to medical services.

  • Monetizing Ability
    Reviewers and Helpers (Expert) can earn Lina token basing on the quality of their contribution, judged by the community.

  • Hybrid Architecture
    Introduces a hybrid architecture approach, bridging between public Ethereum chain (mainnet) and a high performance, scalable private side-blockchain transaction services.

  • Large Helpers Network
    We have built a large and expanding community of professionals all around the world. Everyone are welcome to join us at Lina.network.


  • We’re always looking for talented people to join our team. If you are interested in working with us, please submit your resume to hr@sls.tech

  • Join our worldwide reviewer community unlike any others. Accelerate your products via collaboration opportunities with top reviewer, influencer, specific industry professionals and networking events.


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