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Green energy is energy from sources that, on a human scale, are inexhaustible. The basic principle of using renewable energy is to extract it from constantly occurring processes in the environment and provide it for technical use. Renewable energy is derived from natural resources such as sunlight, water currents, wind, tides and geothermal heat, which are renewable (replenished naturally).

TLS Group is a leading provider of cryptocurrency management and management solutions a portfolio in the clean energy segment. And one of the leading and revolutionary companies engaged in cryptocurrency mining using clean energy.

Many people believe that security tokens will defeat STO for several reasons. You should understand before that security tokens and utilities are very different. What I understand about securities is financial assets that can be sold on the exchange, such as stocks, bonds, etc. While security tokens have the same characteristics and characteristics and can meet the same requirements, they are valued like securities in a cryptography transaction.

TLS Group aims to become one of the leading funds in the clean energy segment. At the moment, they are one of the leading forces. TLS group offers turnkey mining services and solutions. TLS has revolutionized the crypto crypto mining industry as a crypto investment fund. Investment programs are supported by investor capital used against the data center project, as already mentioned. Realization of such an investment goal is possible only when the necessary amount reaches 100%, which is necessary to complete the project.

The mining technology of TLS group has surpassed industry standards thanks to customizable packages specific to their customers. It's no secret that the crypto industry, as you know, consumes more energy during mining, so the traditional mining process using graphic processors and ASIC devices becomes energy-intensive. This company, however, with their solar processing technology, is developing a plausible solution for using inexhaustible energy sources for mining.

The principle of the TLS Group project

TLS Group is a leading provider of cryptocurrency and portfolio management solutions in the clean energy segment. We strive to be one of the largest mutual funds with our partners, and we already have a unique technology for processing solar energy to use cryptocurrency mining. The technology we use will allow investors to receive passive income of 40% per month.

CSP - technology for converting solar heat into electricity at a par level. CSP Stirling from our partner Si14 produces electricity from solar energy several times more efficient than traditional photovoltaic (PV) technologies.

Thanks to a servo system and a tracking system that monitors the sun throughout the day. As a result, electricity is produced at the lowest price per kW on the market. Understanding our business model will help you get a clear idea of ​​TLS tokens. Compared to other companies, the TLS Group is much better and better known to the community, especially in the environment. This is not only because the system is effective, but also because the services are easily accepted.

Increasing the offer of the TLS group can stimulate and deter investors from contacting other companies. So the needs of investors can be met. In addition, the product will be more easily accepted.

The portfolio of project master nodes will be risk-sensitive. They will use Markowitz optimization techniques to ensure proper diversification of assets. VaR estimates will be used to track tail risk. They will also use methods to minimize statistical volatility. The team made efforts to go deeper into the market and choose a basket that excels in results.

The platform will operate in a highly protected technological ecosystem and will host master nodes, while collecting rewards. The TLS Short Circuit Strategy will protect against market devaluation. The toolbar on the platform will provide investors with complete and complete transparency regarding the position of the portfolio, efficiency and dividends on accrual.


TLS = 1,3$

Soft Cap: 10 000 000$

Hard Cap: 20 000 000$

STO: 01.09 - 30.10

As you can see, this is a promising campaign that has many advantages. Reliability, safety are guaranteed here.

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Author: GoodochOK (;u=2505349)

ETH wallet: 0x8Cdc2fFA88c620803238bE1D4Ba092Bcf5E20a80


This company looks very worthy and interesting, I think it has a great future. I believe in the future of this project.

Day by day this project getting more attentions…

Brilliant ideas realized by a strong team. This is the recipe for success! Good luck)

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