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The 21st century has brought about so many discoveries to the human race. There are cars that moves,equipments that meets up fast needs,patterns,science,and how can we forget the most impressive one of all high technologies,and now the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency What is Blockchain?

In the event that you endeavored to jump into this mysterious thing called blockchain, you would be excused for moving back with sickening apprehension at the total darkness of the specialized language that is regularly used to outline it. So before getting into what cryptocurrency is and how blockchain innovation could change the world, how about we examine what blockchain truly is. In basic terms, a blockchain is a computerized record of exchanges, dissimilar to the huge books we have utilized for a long time to record sales and buys. Truth be told, the capacity of this advanced enroll is relatively indistinguishable to that of a customary enlist in that it records charges and credits between individuals. This is the essential idea driving blockchain; the distinction is who holds the record and who checks the exchanges. With customary exchanges, an installment starting with one individual then onto the next includes some sort of middle person to encourage the exchange. Suppose Bob needs to exchange $ 50 to Ricky. He can either give him cash as a $ 50 bill, or he can utilize some sort of bank application to exchange the cash specifically to his ledger. In the two cases, a bank is the middle person who confirms the exchange: Bob’s assets are checked when he pulls back cash from a money gadget, or they are checked by the application amid the computerized exchange. The bank chooses if the exchange should occur. The bank additionally holds the record of all exchanges made by Bob, and is exclusively in charge of refreshing each time Bob pays somebody or gets cash from his record. As it were, the bank holds and controls the enlist, and everything experiences the bank. It’s a major duty, so it’s vital that Bob supposes he can confide in his bank, else he won’t loose his cash with them. He should have the affirmation that the bank won’t swindle him, lose his cash, be stolen or vanish overnight. This requirement for trust upheld pretty much every real conduct and feature of solid back, to the point that notwithstanding when we found that banks were flighty with our cash during the 2008 monetary emergency, the legislature another center men safeguarded them out as opposed to hazard wrecking the last bits of trust by giving them a chance to fall.

Blockchain however works totally differently. The blockchain tech is fully decentralized and has no central clearing home like the bank and it also does not have any central register held by any substance or group. Rather, the record is disseminated over a huge system of PCs, called nodes, every one of which contains a duplicate of the whole record on their individual hard drives. These nodes are associated with each other through P2P (peer-to-peer) software, which synchronizes data over the node network organize and guarantees that everybody has a similar variant of the record constantly.

In this case we’ll talk about a blockchain project called ZEALEUM https://www.zealeum.life/ . Zealeum is a health project based on block chain. The significance of health and prosperity has absolutely taken the primary spot in the health business throughout the most recent decade. With the child of post war America age drawing closer or achieving old age, health and medical administrations tense and the developing consciousness of the points of confinement of medicinal science by a developing number of individuals, society has built up a mentality of expanding obligation towards its wellbeing and health. The significance of health and wellbeing is reflected in the way that eating regimens, health improvement plans, exercise and gear programs, wellness offices, spas, wholesome supplements and recreation exercises are typical. A portion of these progressions are managed by the outrageous requests and long sits tight for treatment in the health systerm, yet additionally by the want of the generation of laborers to embrace a more dynamic way of life after retirement their picked exercises. For these objectives to appear in actuality, the establishment of good health must be worked all through life, not simply to attempt to repair the harm after it has been finished. It is now clear why the health sectors have turned in it’s awareness program and direction by placing the need and importance of health and wellbeing at there top list and priority so everyone will be able to make their future.

Participants in the Zealeum ecosystem include, but are not limited to:

People. . Those who follow their goals of fitness and well-being . Those who follow health-related data to monitor chronic diseases . Those who document and plan meals. . Those who are interested in taking control of their health care.

ZEAL ESTABLISHMENTS Fitness companies remunerate clients with ZEAL tokens in return for going to a rec center and preparing or purchasing items or facility from their office. Organizations offering massage services, martial art programs or therapy. Insurance agencies offering protection items to customers in view of their therapeutic record and wellbeing profile. Clinics or specialists asking for the therapeutic record and the wellbeing profile of a client.


Fitness trainers who wish to offer specialty packages to individuals based on their fitness profile and wellness

Nutritionists offering services, including personalized meal plans, given the profile and characteristics of each user

Lifecoaches and other lifestyle gurus offering customizable and customized packages according to the needs of the individual user.

Information Brokers and Data Buyers

At the heart of the Zealeum platform are the controlled and user-generated health data and the corresponding data market.

Users can decide which information can be shared or sold, and to whom.

Whenever purchase requests are made, users will be notified and can approve the sale of their data in order to earn ZEAL tokens.

Data requests can be made by professionals such as fitness coaches and nutritionists, institutions, information brokers, doctors or anyone else interested in potentially offering a product or service to a user.

Users earn ZEAL Tokens simply to connect with these potential buyers!

After the approval of individuals, the information will be analyzed, aggregated and carefully packaged for sale to high volume data buyers to fund other developments and community initiatives on the platform.

Initial details of the token offer

Blockchain: Ethereum

• Token Name: Zeal Token

• Token: ZEAL

• Total Token Offering: 1,000,000,000 ZEAL

• Available to the public: ZEAL 600,000,000

• Rigid Cap: USD 50,000,000

• Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD

• 50% of the unsold chips will be distributed to participants through the Zealeum Community Fund

• 50% of the unsold chips will be burned.

For more information, visit:

Website: https://www.zealeum.life

Whitepaper: https://zealeum.life/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/zealeaum_white_paper_mar1318-1.pdf

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Zealeum/

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/_zealeum

TELEGRAM: http://t.me/zealeum

Authored by avoxosuccesful: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1703031

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