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  Hi guys! Today's article will be relevant to those who are somehow connected with digital advertising. The global ads market is growing every year and we know that over time the advertizing strategies change becoming ever more effective; but the coin always has two sides. Once some issues are solved, others appear. The real revolution, as many thought, would be provided thanks to decentralization, still didn't find its place in the ads sphere. The project I will review in this article, Thrive Labs, aims at more effective use of Internet in terms of advertising.
  The concept suggested by the Trive team is simple: significant improving of the condition of every actor in the advertising system. This will be a decentralized marketplace with the following participants: consumers, reviewers, advertisers and publishers, in which publishers will be able to earn more on what they love and do, advertisers will eliminate the unnecessary expenses and – what is really new to our world – the audience will be rewarded for behavioral data!
  This works only when all the parties follow certain rules. The publishers have to provide content of a really high quality. For the quality checks, reviewers will be responsible. High quality content will be the guarantee for brand reputation and satisfy the need of advertisers. Specially for predictive targeting, Thrive Data Platform Management mechanism was developed which will use users' behavioral data anonymously. The functioning of the idea can be made possible only thanks to blockchain with the smart contracts and decentralized community management.
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Thrive Ecosystem Structure

You can check the Thrive Affiliate Program Demo here:

  For all the operations and services on the platform, such as digital profile management, DMP services, predictive retargeting, audience analytics, ad exchange and artificial intelligence usage and many others, special THRIVE (THRT) tokens will be used (this is the only currency to be used in the Thrive marketplace). The token will also play a role of an incentive for data sharing and creating qualitative content and a means for rewarding.
In order to raise funds for the ecosystem development and ensure the community growth, the team launches the TGE starting on the March, 10. The ICO price is set to 0.31 USD for 1 THRT. Minimum purchase is 1000 THRIVE tokens. You can buy them for ETH, BTC and LTC. Unsold tokens will be burned. More information about tokens and budget allocation please see in the project whitepaper. You can also support the project by participating in the bounty campaigns. For terms, please see the links below.
  As the team informs, Thrive is a spin-off of an existing and profitable company working since years in the industry across 9 international markets. Today it's a rare case when there is an existing solid business behind an ICO.   My reasons to contribute to the project are as follows. First of all, it is listed on ICOdrops. The Hard cap is low as for the idea of such a level. Secondly, $10M were already raised on the pre-sale which proves the interest from investors. Besides, the bonus during the token sale will not much lower than during the pre-sale (20 comparing to 30%), so that pre-sale participants will not have a big advantage over the token sale participants.

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