Why is a decentralized database the best storage solution?

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In the era of information technology we have to face a huge flow of information every day which is difficult to store in one place. In addition, there is a direct need for easy and quick access to the data needed at any given time. Therefore, today, databases are used to store information, which is an ordered set of information. Such databases can be centralized, decentralized and distributed.

Why centralized data storage is no longer an option?
Because it still has a number of vulnerabilities:

  • low security – anyone who has access to the server can add and change data;

  • insufficient reliability-if there is a large number of requests the server may fail;

  • complicated access – if there are any problems in the Central repository, you will not be able to get information until they are fixed;

  • low data rate, especially when nodes are in different countries;

  • complexity of scaling-it is not easy to build up a centralized network.

Why is a decentralized database the best storage solution?
Because it:

  • Does not have centralized storage, which means that all data is distributed among the nodes of the network. Any data changes on any computer are displayed on all other computers on the network, making such a database secure, self-regulating and self-sufficient.

  • Able to withstand heavy loads, as incoming requests are distributed between nodes.

  • Easily scalable.
    Casper API is a new feature of decentralized data storage


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