The Cayman Islands became a financial offshore for the blockchain industry.

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The Cayman Islands is a territory that belongs to Britain. The financial services sector of these Islands has made them known throughout the world. The key sectors are insurance, banking and trust management.

The legislative system of the Cayman Islands is very reliable, and at the moment the regulators have not introduced any special requirements for cryptocurrency transactions and ICO.

This, along with the relatively low costs of registration and maintenance of companies, served as an excellent basis for a significant increase in the number of organizations whose activities are directly related to cryptocurrencies and the release of tokens.

There are three types of tokens issued in the Cayman Islands. Token as means of payment, tokens - securities, and the tokens of usefulness. The first can pay for goods and services.

The latter are shares, futures, options or other securities. Third parties grant their owners access to a digital service or application.

The Cayman Islands interests the representatives of the cryptocurrency world also by the fact that here the interest rate of the tax on any activity is 0% (except for the mandatory stamp duty of 7.5% in the sale or transfer of real estate).

Today, the Cayman Islands is an excellent choice for any ICO-projects, cryptocurrency investment funds, including financial institutions, hedge funds and large infrastructure projects.

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