DApp market faces the challenge of storing information

in ico •  8 months ago


Popularization of blockchain platforms has aroused interest in many related areas. One of them is the decentralized application (DApp). Today 1092 Dapps are registered only on Ethereum and this trend continues to grow.

However, the DApp market faces the challenge of storing information. The usual solutions are not suitable for decentralized applications and proposals based on blockchain technologies are too expensive and inconvenient. In other words, DApp needs its own infrastructure.

Casper API project will become just such an infrastructure, while retaining all the usual functions of cloud storage (data storage and content delivery). The ecosystem is suitable for both familiar applications and their decentralized counterparts. Casper API features such as smart contracts for query automation and the availability of the SDK for DApp make it very popular in the emerging market of decentralized applications


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