Casper API is an example of a perfect infrastructure for DApp

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Do you know that in 2017 the cloud technology market amounted to 148 billion US dollars? Back in the 2000s it was estimated at only a few hundred US dollars, which indicates the growing popularity of cloud storage among users. By the way, this segment of the market shows rapid growth rates today, and according to experts already in 2025 80% of the budget of the entire IT industry will be concentrated in the clouds.

Thanks to remote computing resources users can access servers and data stores with minimal involvement of the provider.

The main field of application of cloud technologies today is a storage of large amounts of information and data backup. With the help of cloud storage businesses can work with all the necessary information remotely without buying special software and expensive equipment.

It's time for DApp developers to move to cloud-based decentralized storage if:

Need to cut expenses
It is possible that the amount of data DApp has already reached such a size in which to continue to store them locally no longer makes sense, moreover, the purchase of additional equipment can be unreasonably expensive.

Get freedom of action

Using cloud decentralized storage will allow DApp not depend on delays in purchasing equipment, they will be able to launch projects as soon as they are ready. This will make the work not only more cost-effective,l but also mobile.

Casper API is an example of a perfect infrastructure for decentralized data storage, which perfectly solves the problem of high cost of data storage on the blockchain! Learn more

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