Electroneum Don't Miss ICO.

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Did you miss the Bitcoin Opportunity?
Electroneum is something not to be missed!

Many people became millionaires because when the price of 1 Bitcoin was $ 0.25 and now it's about $ 4,800! How?

If you bought bitcoin with about $100 when it was just $0.25 by now you will be having approximately $2,000,000

Again, LISKCOIN was sold at $0.0002 per coin during The ICO last year (2016), as at the time i was writing this piece (Oct 11st 2017), it now worth $5.52 on bittrex exchange. A $100 worth LISKCOIN during ICO is now worth $2,760,000

Here is another opportunity ... WHY?
Until October 3 1st , 2017, you can buy Electroneum coins for $ 0.01


For every $ 1.00 purchase you will receive 120 ETN coins!
If you buy a decent $ 10 you will get 1200 coins!

If on November 1st this coin goes to $ 1 a coin you just made $ 1200.00 !!
Imagine when Price Rises!

WHY Electroneum?
👉 Duncan Logan CEO of RocketSpace( a company that worth over 1 Billion Dollar), long time investor of Bitcoin and Etherium. But he said that #Electroneum will be the first ICO ever invested!
Verified this in his Twitter post


👉Big investors like Uber, IBM, Spotify and Hootsuite ..

👉The biggest ICO ever in 2017 with over 70,000+ user and $18,000,000 raised with just barely 3 weeks of releasing The ICO

👉Electroneum is the first currency to be created in the UK!

👉The easiest currency to be Powered by an App!

👉Focused on mobile gaming and the gaming industry will be massive!

👉You can Mined Electroneum coin in your application by playing games!

👉A decentralized block chain with a centralized application!

👉The fastest transactions I've ever seen; 2 sec

👉App ready to download in Andriod. And ios

September 14 began to give coins, the 31 of October are closed with bonds!

Until October 3 1st 2017, you have the opportunity to get The coin for just
110 coins for $1 (Bitcoin, ETH, USD CASH, EURO, BRITISH UK POUND) Accepted! "

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duncanlogan Duncan Logan tweeted @ 21 Aug 2017 - 22:04 UTC

I have been a buyer and holder of bitcoin and Etherreum for a long time but this will be the first ICO I buy into. finance.yahoo.com/news/introduci…

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Good Post but at the bottom of post you say you have until tomorrow but state 31st October, I think that might be a mistake, hopefully you will edit it.

I was meaning to look at this coin but forgot what it was called, thanks for reminding me.

I will use https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@steveuk/become-a-crypto-ico-guru-in-one-hour

to research it.


Hey thanks for the correction. I made the edit. Hope you invest. Followed


I think I will invest in Electroneum seems a really good ICO at initial views, but I have to do my in depth research.

@brianadams coach me. Please into. This cryptocurrency business