Disrupting the eSports Coaching Market with Blockchain & Asura Coins

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For schools you have teachers, for Universities you have lecturers & Professors, even for the many Sports you have Coaches of all levels, so why are there hardly any Coaches for gamers?

For decades now, gaming has been viewed as a waste of time, something only kids play while growing up. However the current time speaks differently, eSports being one of the fastest and largest growing markets in the world, players being offered long term sponsorships, full-time salaries just like any other profession and unbelievable tournament prize pools. All these are leading factors in pioneering the current and future eSports market towards a more established and recognized profession.

Even in China now, there are now “eSport schools” teaching and grooming students to play videos as a future profession, these schools offer a full curriculum around eSports just like any other traditional subject. [Source]

Centralized & Forced Subscriptions

Scattered around the internet there currently are a few eSport Coaching & Guides platforms, however these platforms are all centralized and run on a subscription basis, forcing users to pay a set fee to access their content.

But what if you just want a specific guide? or you only want to learn about a certain hero/champion? or you only want to learn from a specific Coach?
With the current platforms, that’s not possible. You’d have to sign up to their subscription plan to access what you want.

The Asura World Solution


Asura World’s Professional Coaching & Guides platform offers a completely opposite solution. Being operated on NEO blockchain, this enables Asura World to offer a decentralized solution of payment procedures combined with the advantages of Asura World’s own cryptocurrency, ASA coins.

What this essentially means is, users have complete control over what they choose to learn and what they choose to pay for. By breaking the subscription system, Asura World can not only offer a cheaper solution, but a more tailor-made solution for everyone.

Under a subscription plan, even if guides don’t get viewed, coaches still get paid therefore leading to a more lazy attitude towards creating better content. But with the Asura World Professional Coaching & Guides system, it also encourages Coaches to create better content, which leads to an overall steady improvement of the community as a whole!

Asura World only provides a platform for our Coaches, therefore all rewards are given directly to our content creators rather than taking “fees”.

So we ask ourselves, why should eSport coaching be available only to professional players? The answer is; it shouldn’t!

Keep an eye out for further details about the Asura World platform and the ICO, happening on 21st May 2018.

For more information on the Asura Coin ICO

Website: https://asuracoin.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/asuracoin

Facebook: https://facebook.com/asuracoin

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AsuraCoin

Telegram: https://t.me/asuracoin


This ico would be a one life time opportunity, would be mad to not join it. I really like the "niche" of this ico and i will surely join the ico as soon as it opens! Really excited!

Asura developers have great vision on making better platform to giving great experience to gamers. join with white-list to get more benefit

In fact, our whole life is a game. Developers of computer games have long understood this and make fabulous profits on this human passion. All we players in one way or another extent. The #Asura project will be successful in any case, since it is a human pleasure to "play" will always be relevant.

This ico and project is really çool am 100% in coach for gamers nice.

This will be the biggest evolution in the Digital currencies when comes to eSporting. Asura coin provides a platform that creators getting paid directly without any commission to anyone which is explained in detail in this article along with other interesting updates.

Gaming used to be a time-consuming activity. Now it is a professional sector. Coaches can also be seen as an important role for this sector. Asura is in a great position here. Wonderful!

The decentralised nature of the model they are following means you only pay for what you want and are not forced to purchase extras that have no real value to you.

Stability and success of the project depends on the team. The idea and qualification of this project developers deserves your attention

I believe that Asura World will be able to solve all of the problems on the platform. And all of the participants will be able to manage their digital currencies securely via NEO blockchain. So I'm sure this project will be most popular project among gamers.

Asura Coin is surely strong ICO to watch in 2018. Love esports and believe the potential of blockchain, and AuraCoin

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