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Along with the rapid development of technology and information. It also occurs in Blockhain Technology whose development is increasing from year to year. Blockhain technology is almost worldwide. There are many projects that combine their projects with Blockhain technology by holding ICO and Crowfund. Because of the various benefits that will be gained from participating in the ICO and Crowfund. Especially for investors they will benefit when the project has been executed and tokens have been distributed. In this case there are many investors who are actively looking for large projects and potential to be funded. But sometimes ICO events and crowdfunding still face many challenges that make investors reluctant to pour their money into the project. With project obscurity and ICO, investors really find it difficult to find projects that they can invest promising later. To overcome the problem of doubts about the ICO and Crowfund, a new project that has provided a solution for this problem is EUREKA, which is a very promising profit for you, let's join now and get a discount for your purchase.


The next-generation open science platform –powered by blockchain
Democratising science through decentralisation and transparency


EUREKA will provide a unique blockchain-powered
science publishing system for scientists.
Using the EUREKA platform scientists can rate research, review manuscripts, and receive rewards for their contribution to the research process. EUREKA tokens (EKA) will be used to reward both peer reviewers, as well as editors. EKA can be used to encourage reproducibility studies by rewarding scientists who find negative and positive results (or replication data). EKA is an Ethereum-based token which will be integral to the enhancement of the existing ScienceMatters publishing platform
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#EUREKA tokens will be used for:
•Submitting articles for review and publication, which include a fee for operating costs
•Rewarding peer reviewers, authors and funding agencies through citations
•Proving ownership of scientific observations using timestamping
•Upvoting and downvoting research as well as voting in selection for awards and prizes
•Peer reviewer staking to incentivize reviews in a timely manner
•Proving REWARD ratings from peer reviewers to interested parties
•Funding research using smart contracts: automatically release funds for studies and peer review once conditions have been met
•Token pledges, awards and prizes (based on contributions from organisations) for scientists and researchers reaching milestones to solve major problems in society
•Worldwide crowdfunding from the general public to pay scientists directly to conduct research studies e.g., on under-researched diseases

Why invest in the EUREKA ICO?
●EKA tokens will be used by universities globally, including existing clients of ScienceMatters
●Secure, stable, and well-regulated crypto business environment in Zurich, Switzerland
●Established team with high profile scientific advisory board members
●Loyalty bonus:1% of all payment transactions on the EUREKA Platform with EUREKA tokens will
automatically go to the active token holders in proportion to the stake or share of total EKA in circulation that
is owned by the holder. This will be on a continual basis and the loyalty bonus is allocated to the holder
whenever the token holder makes a transaction in EKA. To qualify as an active token holder, the token holder
needs to have made one transfer or transaction in EKA in the preceding 12 months.
●Profits from EUREKA
Blockchain Solutions GmbH may be used by EUREKA Blockchain Solutions GmbH to
purchase EKA tokens, and these tokens may be distributed to active holders as a loyalty bonus at the discretion
of EUREKA Blockchain Solutions GmbH.

#Market Opportunity
It is estimated that, in the US alone, $28 billion are wasted by pharmaceutical companies each year. This waste
happens when drug trials fail, producing only ineffective drugs and/or harmful side effects. The EUREKA platform will enable companies to access and promote replication studies. The platform will allow companies to incentivise much needed replication studies. Researchers can be paid directly in EKA tokens on the EUREKA platform. This will
encourage replication studies on a global scale, speeding up science research and saving money.


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