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Today are facing a specific number of points the exchanges. BitcoinBing group had played out all those problems and designed its very own exchange in a method that it bypasses all those problems.

Almost all the existing exchanges are put in a rush to make profits as soon as possible together. This approach has triggered simple shortcomings in their structure of procedures. BitcoinBing platform got a much longer time for advancement, with the particular objective of making sure that the consumer knowledge will not deteriorate as consumer amounts rise on the system. BitcoinBing group utilized years of expertise in cryptocurrency and style, with this collective effort allowed us to build a system which maintains a uniform regular for consumer knowledge, with the capability to endure massive purchase tons and large fluctuations. As a result, we did encounter some pressing issues in the preliminary stage of advancement which was slower, but this can be what provides BitcoinBing the essential functional edge in practice.

The Key Features are:

  1. Zero Fee Structure

Bing token is ordinarily BitcoinBing platform’s indigenous token which provides investors with no trading fee when using it to pay a charge for investments produced in BitcoinBingexchange. This means that BitcoinBing elevated capital launched with a functional product and had a practical utility to benefit users instantly. An energy token is undoubtedly a useful token that, through intelligent agreement programming.

  1. Multiple Money Pair

BitcoinBing platform offers various currency integrating which would enable them in executing multiple transactions simultaneously. The bridal party would end up being matched with Ask primarily, BTC, ETH, & USDT. During the 1stestosterone levels quarter of 2019, Fiat would end up being Deployed in which Main currencies would become USD, GBP, & INR.

  1. Full Bunch Trade Desk

This particular feature strengthens the traders to trade with all the assets and derivatives. It allows them to to to make opportunities with calculated dangers along with informing them the variables and styling the transactions. It tells them the total quantity of the resources on the dashboard and allows them to compute the revenue they gain. The in-built trade calculator includes all the variables by which the trader makes transactions, and it provides out actual outcomes. The full stack trade desk allows the traders to plan the business strategically, keeping all the risks at bay.

  1. Security

Protection is the extreme concern for any platform which presents payment and purchase providers. BitcoinBing, becoming an exchange could not keep a rock unturned to make the protection foolproof. Built on the blockchain, BitcoinBing provides evaluated factor of security ever and produced the platform stalwart to thwart any security danger. This platform has incorporated process such as KYC to make the info unquestionably safe. Blockchain itself provide a seal off of security, but to reassure that everything is indeed secure, BitcoinBing delivers added every various another parameter which makes its safety paramount.

Even more in detailed would be presently there
2FA Authentication (For Login and Withdraw)
OTP Verification
Email Verification (For Login and Withdraw)
All Funds shall be kept in aa secured cold wallet
Encrypted Keys
DDOs Protection
Data Transmission

  1. Symbol Buyback

Once a quarter, BitcoinBing will aggregate at least 50% of the exchange trading charge and use them to purchase and burn Bing exchange bridal party. This will maintain a balanced amount of bridal party in the marketplace and the system for users. This procedure will burn other bridal party obtaining gathered in the market and keep the worth of Bing small intact. It would also help in gaining even more worth on best of the existing value.

  1. Speed

To relieve the crypto investors from the issues as mentioned earlier, BitcoinBing team has actively worked on its architecture. The onsite Bitcoinbing matching engine provides a phenomenal purchase processing capacity that can handle up to 1,000,000orders/second

  1. Desktop & Mobile App

The BitcoinBing platform is developed for both desktop and mobile users. As the amount of cellular users rapidly is raising, Bitcoinbing does not wish any of its users to eliminate a single deal credited to this limitation. Industry experts have checked the compatibility of the platform with different operating systems such as Home windows, Google Android, Linux, and iOS at numerous stage.

  1. Trading competition and Airdrop distribution

  2. 24/7 Live Chat

  3. Quick Withdrawal & Remains.

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