Burger Planet EXPOSES who Ice Poseidon's girlfriend Kimberlee really is!

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--- drafted by whatmhatlhat,
February 14th, 2019

tl;dr Ice told Burger Planet to delete the VOD because the VOD revealed that Kimberly is a thirsty clout chaser who wants a sugar daddy to pay for her things.

  1. On January 2019 or something, Boneclinks said that Kimberly is not who everyone thinks she is and that she is a clout chaser.
    He also mentioned that Burger Planet bumped into Kimberly three months before the Horseshoe Bay incident (when Ice and Caroline got exposed for faking their breakup because they were still together). Ice got very upset at Boneclinks and told him to stop "attacking people, it is very toxic". Ice also threatened to remove Boneclinks if he brought it up again. Anyone who asked to see the VOD or defended Boneclinks got banned on Ice's subreddit, Discord and stream chat.
  2. On November 2018, Ice demanded Burger Planet to delete the VOD (Burger put it on private only). Very few people have seen the VOD and nobody knew what was going on or why Ice was panicking.
  3. On November 2018, Ice announced his "relationship" with Kimberly.
  4. Ice said "she might be the one for me, she's very real and she is not a clout chaser" several times to his viewers.
  5. On February 2019, Ice removed Burger Planet from the CX network.
  6. Burger Planet tried to talk to Ice over the removal but Ice blocked him.
  7. Burger Planet released the VOD which Ice had previously told him to delete before.
  8. The VOD was recorded and livestreamed on March 2018 (just as Boneclinks said, it happened several months before the Horseshoe Bay incident).
  9. In the VOD, Burger Planet walked into Kimberly and they introduced each other and they talked for 20 minutes or something. Kimberly told Burger Planet that she's waiting for her Tinder date with a guy called "Ryan". She also told Burger Planet that she wants somebody rich to pay for her things. When Ryan appeared, she got very "touchy" with him in front of the stream. Ryan said he owns a large YouTube channel called "The Daily Dropout" which turned out to be real, it's a channel with almost one million subscribers. Ryan also revealed that Kimberly's handle on Tinder is "Tindarella" and he mentioned how they met etc.
    They bid farewell to Burger Planet and departed.
  10. Kimberly definitely did some research into Burger Planet's stream and the CX network. She probably dumped Ryan because she knew Ice was a much easier target.
  11. On May 31st 2018 (only a few months after that VOD), Kimberly stream sniped Ice Poseidon in Missouri and they both exchanged contact details.

Burger Planet VOD:

As you can see Burger Planet successfully plays another 5D Chess move.


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