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What's up Bitches it's Carmen (@chickencaam) currently coming to you all the way from Reykjavik, Iceland!

I am here with my Mother and Sister on a Family Bonding Trip, but to be honest I've never been too keen about going on "vacation".

To me, vacation is inherently an escapist energy pattern because the concept represents "going someplace better" to kind of "get away from something undesireable".

I'd much rather have a lifestyle that feels like a fusion between a fulfilling and productive self directed Mission and have it always feel like a vacation, because in that energy pattern, I already am dwelling in the best place Possible. My Inner Joy. No matter where I'm pinned on the World Map.

Which is why I'm beyond excited to link up with Mikjall Hannes, a CryptoCurrency Advocate and Huge supporter of the Icelandic Blockchain Project known as Aurora Coin

He along with a growing movement of Iceland's populace are trying to edge out the current Central Bank Fiat Currency known as the Króna.

Enjoy this Incredibly Cinematic Vice Report on Aurora Coin, Iceland, and Mikjell's Work!

Iceland being an Island in the middle of the North Atlantic and relies heavily on Tourism to pay for the cost to Import almost all of their Goods and Commodities. This makes it a very different community from most others in the world, and Economic Freedom and Unity are something the People of Iceland have been striving for.

Mikjall, as well as myself and the rest of TSOA are totally about this mission and will be taking many steps over the next few days to see it through.

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that's years since I heard of Auroracoin

Don't Call it a Comeback!