@Grumpycat or Grumpyass || A poem by minnow for a bully.

in #iamaminnow3 years ago

[Image Source - @vishalsingh4997]

Once on steemit,
There was a pussycat,
We all call him bully,
But also known as @Grumpycat,

He used to flag,
All the poor minnows,
Then increase his money,
By self-jerking upvotes he throws,

Grumpyass also had his friend,
@Madpuppy was his name,
As the name states,
Maybe is mad in self-jerking game.

Maybe that Grumpyass,
Was having some fun,
But now that kitty,
Is on a run,

Cause he tried to mess,
With some wrong guys,
Threaten to flag a whale,
But now he cries,

Let me tell the story,
From where it starts,
When did Grumpy become an idiot,
Who acted all smart,

Looking all the mess,
@Firedream lost his mind,
Starting kinda protest against,
This bully kind,

Then was the birth,
Of @The-Resistance,
Many minnows and some whales,
Slowly we grow with patience,

As we flagged down,
The tiny little kitty,
He never thought that,
We will be on the flagging spree,

Soon his comments,
Starting to disappear,
That made our pussycat,
Panic with fear,

After a few rounds of,
Flagging and self-jerking,
Grumpycat did the thing,
He should never be doing,

Tried to threaten @Wackou,
And all the other whales,
Thinking he could somehow,
Stop this thing, but now it fails,

Instead what happened,
Was @Drakos became stronger,
Now our kitty has his tail,
Between his legs with a silent purr,

So this is how you know,
Don't mess around,
Karma is a bitch,
It always comes back for those wounds,

Once a bully @Grumpycat,
Has now become a joke,
We will never know,
Whether its a girl or a bloke.

So maybe our Grumpyass,
Won't like this rhymes,
Maybe will flag this,
In just a matter of time,

But all in all,
I just want to say,
Never mess with a minnow,
If you did then just pray.

After all minnows are,
The one big group around,
We all can make the change,
If we stay firm on our grounds,

So there you have,
A complete poem of mine,
Maybe you should come to @The-Resistance,
We can have our dine.

Join us in our Discord server here

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Wish you all out there who love someone, to be with him/her for your entire lifetime :]

I Love You, my angel,


Awesome :) lol it's like a spam but awesome...


Lol, maybe I am trying to get feel of what is it to be like Grumpyass ;]

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Historical poetry - the best kind!!