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RE: How does it feel to be a minnow? || Steemit Multi-account abuse and Self-Jerking explained.

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Accounts can be bought through Blocktrades also for 2 Steem so no need to worry about phone numbers and what not. I created an account for my kids that way. Unfortunately whenever $$ is involved there is always a greed factor that come into play. People will destroy a system that once was prosperous all due to their greed.
Between the multi account holders self jerking and bidbots out of control Steemit needs some changes. I am by no means the savior to these issues but these couple things are creating a lot of problems on the platform.
Do work fellow minnow👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Accounts can be brought but what I am showing up here are free ways to get an account with free delegated steem. But yea many take that way too. All in all if nothing happens to make a change soon steemit will be just a shit posting place with all shit posters here.

Thank you for reading my post appreciate that :]