The benefits of eating garlic on the saliva and the way to eat to treat more than 40 diseases benefits and advantages of garlic

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The benefits of natural garlic methods and natural mixes for the use of garlic to treat many diseases, including ED and skin problems of all kinds solutions hair loss and soften and re-germination, in addition to many other diseases help garlic to cure quickly and without symptoms, God willing.

Garlic mix for young skin and anti-wrinkle early

1 clove of crushed garlic.
2 teaspoons white clay.
2 teaspoons honey bee.
Little water.

Mix all the ingredients and add a few drops of water if needed to get a dense mixture, put on the whole skin for 20 minutes and then wash with warm water and then cold, repeat the recipe two to three times a week to get a young complexion and bright.

Garlic mix to whiten skin and remove dark spots
1 clove of crushed garlic.
Juice of half a small lemon.
Little water.

Mix the garlic and lemon juice and add a little water, dip a piece of cotton into the mixture and moisten the skin leaves to dry and repeat another layer, wash the skin with warm water and then cold, repeat the recipe three times a week to get the best results.

Note: This prescription is not suitable for sensitive skin and applied in the evening only, so as not to interact during exposure to the sun, and advised to use sunscreen the day before the use of the recipe.

The garlic mix is ​​fresh and bright without wrinkles
2 cloves of crushed garlic.
1 tsp olive oil.

Mix the ingredients well, apply the recipe to clean skin without placing it on the area surrounding the eyes, leave for 10 minutes and then continue with warm water and then cold, repeat the recipe from three to five times a week for quick results.

Garlic and Ginger for the treatment of ED
Ingredients for this mixture:
One head of soft garlic.
One piece of soft ginger.
A cup of olive oil.

Method of preparation and use

Peel garlic and clean well.
Peel ginger and wash with water.
Olive oil is placed in the blender twice as much as garlic.
Mix the ingredients in the blender until they become like cream, and leave for a week in the refrigerator.
Treat the penis once a day for an hour or more, then wash with lukewarm water.
The patient continues the 45 day process.

Garlic oil and olive oil to treat erectile dysfunction
Amounts required for preparation:
Pure olive oil.
Pure garlic oil.

Method of preparation and use

Garlic oil is taken with a small lid.
Olive oil is taken from the same quantity.
Mix the oil and put on fire for less than a minute.
Leave the mixture oil until it cools, and paint the pubic area and lower back area daily.

Cholesterol treatment
Garlic is effective in lowering cholesterol, thus helping to reduce the incidence of heart attacks and heart disease. Margarine or butter increases blood viscosity and increases cholesterol in the blood causing thickening and atherosclerosis. Taking garlic reduces these changes that occur.

Drink a mixture of 6 drops of garlic juice dissolved in 4 teaspoons of water twice a day. Lowers pressure

All types of migraines
Grind the garlic, place it on the hips (the large veins on the sides of the neck) or anywhere with pain.
In migraines. 2 drops of garlic juice are placed in the nostril opening of the side of the head pain. Or you can chew garlic cloves every hour

stomach pain
Add 1/2 cm garlic juice to 4 cm of water. Add salt to taste. Relieves stomach ache. One cup once an evening

Breast sagging
Eating 5 cloves of garlic a day helps get rid of slackening of your breasts in 3 weeks

Hair lice
Grind three cloves of garlic. Mix with lemon juice. Massage the scalp at night. Wash hair in the morning. Repeat this for 5 days each day. Will kill all lice.
Note: Take care to touch the garlic mixture with lemon eyes while massage your scalp

Intestinal worms
If you get intestinal worms every period, you can eat 5 cloves of garlic with honey three times a day. Continue on this for 2-3 months will completely eliminate the intestinal worms.

Useful for bone fractures, increased bone density, and bone disease by eating garlic periodically for large and continuous periods.

A. Massage the pain place with garlic oil daily. First recipe
B. Cutting garlic small pieces or shredding. Beat about 10 cloves and boil with a cup of milk until thickened. Drink this for 6 weeks.It should be taken at night. Avoid sour and sweet things. Second recipe

Bake 4 cloves of garlic daily. Where garlic is useful in removing abdominal gases and strengthens the digestive system.

Frequent itching
Boil the garlic in the oil. Prefer olive oil. Wait until it is warm. Massage the affected area in the morning and evening.

Dental Diseases
Gingivitis, swelling of the gums, pain and bad breath by adding 20 drops of garlic juice to 1 teaspoon of honey and licking, repeat morning and evening.

Anxiety and tension
Add 4 cloves of garlic in 1/2 cup of hot milk and drink it. After this drink 1/2 cup of plain milk. Repeat the recipe for a few days

Add garlic juice in hot water and drink. It also reduces chest pain

Prevention of cholera
Keep the garlic in different places at home. It kills cholera bacteria.

Beneficial in the treatment of paralysis of one side, grinding 25 grams of garlic cloves about 5 lobes. Boil in a large glass of milk. When the mixture thickens, the texture becomes more cohesive, remove it from the fire, cool it and eat it daily.

Toxic insect bites
Massage garlic juice in the bite place relieves sting pain


  • Cook three garlic cloves minced in a cup of olive oil, rubbing the area of ​​the shrapnel, a cotton-moistened cotton can be used to remove dust and lighten the pores of the skin. Then mix the garlic and olive oil mixture on the chest area with a massage for 5 minutes.
    Stop eating acidic things like orange mangoes, lemon, lemon and the like. Eat garlic with eating three times a day
  • For a cup of pomegranate juice add 20 drops of garlic juice. It is a mixture that helps in all kinds of cough.

Sore throat
2 garlic cloves minced on a cup of hot water and leave a little and then take a cup in the morning and evening

knock down
A. Crush the garlic and allow the person to smell rosy. It regains consciousness.
B. Take 10 garlic cloves and boil them daily.

Putting garlic juice in the nose brings the patient to his senses.

Whooping cough
Soak almonds in water for 12 hours, then add 2 garlic cloves to almonds and grind well. Eat the mixture on a small spoon or dissolved in a glass of water and sweetened with honey
Another recipe: a cup of water added to it hanging honey and finely chopped garlic This mixture is taken 4 times a day

Urine stopped
Linking 10 cloves of minced garlic under the navel strengthens the weak bladder and urine stream.
Grind 250 grams of garlic. Add 500 g of mustard oil and 2 liters of water in a bowl. Boil until all the water evaporates. Wait until it cools. Then massage the area below the navel twice a day

Four cloves of garlic are burned, their ashes are placed on a cup of honey and the affected area is painted

Treatment of deafness
Fry 8 garlic cloves in 60 ml in sesame oil or any other cool oil. 2 drops of this oil are placed in the ear twice a day.

Ear diseases
Boil 4 cloves of garlic in 1 tablespoon mustard oil and put a drop in the infected ear. Garlic is reported to relieve pain, treat wounds, and discharge pus (pus) from the ear.

Night blackout
Chew 1 garlic clove and swallow. Do this before going to sleep after washing your hands and feet. It can be taken with honey as it can cause burning in the chest with frequent use

Garlic improves immunity. Garlic kills germs that cause TB.17426055_1868408923447207_9162534197837155972_n.jpg

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