Hypnosis on the Hudson: 90 Day Music Video Challenge - Mark Shepard (vlog-082918)

in hypnosis •  3 months ago

For the record this is the moment when I decided to see if I can create a legit music video every day (or almost everyday just to give myself some "wiggle" room)... in addition to my daily conversational hypnosis vlog... cuz the truth is, I can't separate my music from my hypnosis (message, meditation, meaning)... and remember folks "Hypnosis" here means "suggestions for living your life better" and of course you are totally free to not follow the suggestions... or follow them whenever you're ready...

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Hey! If you only had 30 days to live what would you want to do during that precious time? and what if you DID that? For me It's getting the 500+ songs I've written over the last 40 years OUT... in a high quality video AND audio format... every day... just one... each day... what is it for YOU?

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