Hush Update 11/10/2017

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What is Hush?

HUSH is a fork of Zcash. HUSH trusted setup follows the same setup provided by the Zcash team.

  • The total coin supply is 21,000,000 HUSH.
  • There was a 0.578% pre-mine (121,475 HUSH)
  • Hush has the same specifications as Bitcoin and Zcash (except the Founder's reward). You can read more on our website, a link is at the bottom of the page.

What makes Hush Different


Hush is a project developed by and for the community, the team consists of 5 people right now and we are all Community Members. Everyone can come up with ideas and suggestions, which happens a lot in our Discord server. We are a very sophisticated community where almost everyone contributes in one way or another.

Hush Messenger

Hush Messenger is being developed, which you can read about here: Hush Messenger.

This is a feature where you can send secure messages through your wallet, using the Zerocash Protocol.


Our Lead Developer David Mercer found the solution to funding problems. A Hush Counterparty port where the HUSH spent in the initial sale of XHCP instead of being burnt will be in essence the ICO funding the development of the system.

You can read more about HushParty here: Counterparty on HUSH


Hush is still in an early phase. This project (originally branded as Zdash) was released November 2016 and David Mercer took over as Lead Developer in May 2017. Since then Hush has developed a lot and the team has expanded from 3 members to currently 5 members.

Other Info

  • SuperNet DEX live on main-net
  • XCAT - Cross Chain Atomic Transactions

You can read more about HUSH at our website or join our Discord for more information.

What's New

  • Bounty Issues on Github: Our team is working with community contributors to offer bounties, paid in HUSH, for critical/important platform enhancements.

  • Core Team Changes: Sparkit left his role as community manager due to real-world time constraints; Dukeleto stepped down in favor of remaining a community contributor; We would like to welcome Kent Sommer to the team.

  • Hush is now listed on Livecoinwatch

  • Hush Messenger: Development slightly postponed due to updated roadmap and priorities (See below: HushNG).

  • HushParty is still being developed: "Nearly finished with the parts of CounterParty that control hushd, in anticipation of testnet being up soon, and are working on identifying all the bitcoin-specific address handling code that needs to be changed in counterparty-lib, the library that the rest of the Counterparty stack interacts with the blockchain through" - David Mercer.

  • Hush Testnet: Testnet is now live.

  • Libraries: Madbuda continues to update Bitcore builds for updated Hush releases (v1.0.12 compatible Bitcore almost complete).

  • Deterministic / Automated Builds: Ready to merge into Master.

  • Continuous Integration: CI added through Jenkins. Nightly builds are now available.

  • Linux (APT): Added apt repo for easy updates (See

  • Secure nodes: Work continues on implementing secure nodes for Hush. We currently have a working build of hushd with TLS enabled - still determining proper path for encrypted communications.

  • Hush updated to 1.0.12: Depreciation set for either block #800,000 or 10/14/2018, whichever comes first.

  • Hush Next-gen (HushNG): Our timeline and roadmap to release Hush Messenger has been strategically shifted to allow for the active development of our next-generation platform, HushNG. A blog post detailing HushNG at length will be published in the near-term. HushNG will be a cross-platform gateway into the Hush network enabling access to: full/lite wallets, GUI-based mining (CPU/GPU) for easy access, Hush Messenger, and HushParty. HushNG will launch on: Linux 32/64, Mac OS, and Windows 7+.

  • Updating Our homepage is currently being revised to better help our community find Hush-related information. A brand new roadmap section will be launched providing much more granular details on individual items.

  • BitcoinNG Protocol Research: We are researching the possibility of adopting the BitcoinNG protocol. This protocol could enable Hush to achieve much higher transaction volume (4,000+ TPS as seen by the current WavesNG stress-test). Such a transaction throughput would make Hush an extremely viable solution for both private and non-private micro-transactions. Through our work in porting Counterparty, this could enable our end-users seemingly limitless potential.

Link and Contact


Nice project!

Thank you for your interest!

I noticed HUSH by following SuperNET/Komodo, and after first glance on your website, I admit, I became little...ehm, suspicious (small team, very few information, slack/tg offline, etc.). However, I'm still interested/curious so this steemit post is a good sign. I hope this gains some tractions and a bigger community, interesting project btw. I'm considering getting some coins...

Nice job with the linux installation notes. Been following for a while. You guys have a very promising product and your windows wallets have worked great. Hope HUSH goes to the moon!

Thanks! We are working to make using our platform as seamlessly easy as possible.

Thanks for the update. This is a beautiful project supported by a nice community.

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Interesting concept.
I look forward to seeing the rules for interpersonal drama resolution

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