Tomorrow is D-Day around the Atlantic

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The Pacific basin had a crazy busy hurricane season while the Atlantic basin remained super quiet all summer. That is changing this week, it seems. All of a sudden storms are popping up in every corner and so many corners have to be cautious!

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I was so focussed on looking at hurricane Isaac that is heading towards the Lesser Antilles because that is my second home, that I didn't really pay attention to hurricane Florence that looks like a monster cruising towards the Carolinas in the US.

Isaac started early last week off the coast of Africa and that was about the same trajectory as that hurricane Irma had last year. Also because it was the 1 year anniversary of Irma and hurricane Luis 33 years ago this worried a lot a people. Luckily now as it seems hurricane Isaac will downgrade back to a tropical storm, but that is still a big problem for the whole region there who are still rebuilding after disaster season 2017.
Dominica will take another full hit as it seems and they were battered already last year. I see for them and hope they will be alright. Sint Martin will most likely stay out of the loop this time luckily but some half half measures. Goverment buildings and school are closed, but stores and everything else will remain open. From my opinion that is only half of a measure. Closing schools means that working parents have to take measures but they cant because they still have to work. Ow well, who am I ;))

Just another happy person that is happy that her island doesnt get shredded again

Hurricane Florence on the other hand is a totally different story!

This major hurricane is making landfall today/tomorrow in the US giving serious rainfall, and huge waves along the coastline. I would say, if ya live in the region there. Get away ASAP. Forget your house and whatever, take your family and come back for damage control in a couple of days!

Apart from this we also have a developing situation somewhere over Cuba/Yucatan and ofcourse also hurricane Helene which is lucikly not heading towards any land. Scary shit seeing so much threat coming off of the sea all of a sudden, while the past weeks have been so quiet.

The Atlantic basin has woken up, and I can say from the bottom of my heart that I am happy that I am far away from that. Be carefull all of you who are in the danger zones!!!

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Admit it, you miss the hurricane season! The excitement of not having electricity or potable water, the homes destroyed, the hours of lines to buy water or food. You miss all! 😂

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Karin ik houd mijn hart vast. Zag op tv een vliegtuig richting het hart v de orkaan vlogen om te filmen en de locale die zelfs vertrekken uit eigen beweging en dat nog nooit hebben gedaan, ben benieuwd morgen aks ik wakker wordt wat er is overgebleven .... bid dat het mee alt 😬