50K in Bitcoin Donated For Hurricane Harvey Relief in Texas!

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The Crypto Show listeners donated over 50K in Bitcoin to help Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas!

Here's a video I did about the effort, going over the article that was posted on Bitcoin.com:

An RV from The Crypto Show is in Port Aransas, Texas, right now, loaded with supplies, ready to help. They should still be taking donations if you can give. http://thecryptoshow.com

The Crypto Show had a fully equipped RV ready to go, thanks to their regular charity efforts of over a year, made possible by sponsorship from Dash.org (DASH), and being UnsungOrg affiliates. When the call went out on the show to pitch in for the Texas relief effort, listeners came through, big time!

Kudos to all those involved in the help effort!

What a great way to show the power of cryptocurrency (especially its speed and ease of transfer) and of people with a heart to help!

"To the moon!"