Food hunting!When i 1st seen it i am totally surprized.It really so much amzing beauty of nature.I am hard working for making a good possition on steemit.

in hunting •  10 months ago

Each living organisms have specific way to manage in life.In nature has many kinds of birds with certain Characterization.Basically,in birds has huge difference in this point, Thair kingdom, species, genus are stage by stage separate.To i have described a bird which hunting fish and maybe it is his only food and food source.23275648_688604324666432_7448324991637068272_o.jpg
I capture this photo from a small Canal.When it Walk around i keep watch it,How to done its hunting and i am sucessful capture many photos of it and this bird sucessfully hunted
I have no big possition on steemit ,But i am always trying to be a good possition and i am hard working for it.Your inspiration is so important for me
Let's see my another photo of this hunting.

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