Some thoughts on the Hunter Biden trial.

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Parameter as preface, I'm not really rooting for a Hunter Biden conviction. I'm hoping for justice. Still, if the evidence really is there, of course us gun nuts want him put away.

No, it's not hypocritical for us to want that if he legitimately lied on 4473, despite the fact that we don't want the ATF having the power it already has.

Just like all of you leftists are claiming that Trump's conviction is a great win for democracy because it shows that nobody is above the law, those of us on the pro-2A side would see the same from a Hunter Biden conviction -- with the difference being that we're right.

We know full damn well that the gun charges against Hunter Biden are small beans by comparison to what Joe Biden has been promoting for decades. We know that bills with Joe Biden's support already have resulted in the imprisonment of average citizens who didn't even know that they were breaking the law.

If the anti-Gun people are cool with Dexter Taylor spending ten years in prison because of a broad interpretation of a dumb law, you'd better be okay with Hunter Biden serving ten years if it's proven that he knowingly lied to the ATF in order to obtain a firearm.

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