Team and 2nd Funding Allocated HUNT Tokens have been Burnt (32.23% of the total supply)

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In order to increase the value of HUNT token and reduce the team controllability on the market, we have decided to burn all of the tokens that were assigned to the team members and 2nd round funding, which is a total of 100,000,000 HUNT (32.23% of the total supply). Also, 90,000,000 HUNT out of the business development fund is locked until Feb 28, 2021, and then will have a daily vesting release from Mar 1, 2021, for one year.

All of the team and 2nd round funding tokens have been burnt

90% of the business development fund is locked

  • Quantity: 90,000,000 HUNT
  • Lock-up period: until Feb 28, 2021
  • Daily vesting release begins on Mar 1, 2021, for one year.
  • Wallet address: 0x44c792e1d3c7a0bc78a362cb65462b13142b9e30

Token Distributions after the burning

  • Total Supply: 210,241,461 HUNT
  • Total Circulating Supply: 120,241,461 HUNT

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Can I still get hunts by curating hunt posts? How , pls?

Does this mean you burnt my tokens if I haven't claimed them from the SH wallet?